Detoxing Your Makeup? Start With These 3 Green Beauty Products.

When Starting Your Green Beauty Journey, Focus On Replacing The Products Which Can Cause The Greatest Harm.

Some conventional makeup products are more dangerous than others to your long-term health. Swap out chemical-laden products with beautiful and effective green beauty alternatives.

Congratulations on starting your green beauty journey! I can’t stress how important it is to be aware of the toxins lurking in conventional beauty products. From formaldahyde in nail polish to carcinogens in deodorant, your body is at risk of absorbing and collecting all sorts of harmful chemicals.

But it certainly doesn’t need to be that way. The green beauty industry is expanding rapidly. You can find my current go-to’s in the I’m Currently Obsessed With… series that I publish seasonally.

But I also think it’s worth noting that transforming your beauty collection can be overwhelming! And I’m certainly not the sort of person to say “toss out everything you have and start from scratch!” Because unless you have deep pockets, that’s just not a practical option.

So, if you are just starting out with green beauty, or have been collecting for a while, what conventional makeup items should you replace first? In my opinion, you should start with the items that could cause the greatest harm. Read on to see my top 3 recommendations to anyone looking to detox their makeup routine.

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Luminizing Primer by 100% Pure
Fruit Pigmented Water Foundation by 100% Pure
Duet Perfecting Concealer by HYNT Beauty
Fruit Pigmented Lipstick in Sahara by 100% Pure, layered over Pure Anada lip balm
Mineral eyeshadow by Pacifica
Long Last Brows in Taupe by 100% Pure

Green Beauty Alternatives for Lipsticks, Lipglosses, & Other Lip Products

Whenever someone asks me where to start with green beauty, I always, always, advise them to swap out their lip products. Why? Well, to put it plainly: you swallow everything you apply to your lips.

You should be highly picky with what goes on your lips. If the thought of taking a bite out of your current lipstick disgusts you, it’s time to reassess.


There’s a myth floating around that lipstick-wearing women eat 7 pounds of rouge in their lifetime. It turns out that’s not accurate. But some research figures estimate that women who wear lipstick regularly do ingest 21.9 grams per year, equalling 3.7 pounds over an average lifetime. That may not seem like a lot of lipstick. Yet if you consider these estimates would be true for lip balms, chapsticks, glosses, and lip stains, too, that means we’re eating a lot of lip products! Not to mention, all of these products get absorbed by your delicate lip skin. Meaning: we are eating and absorbing everything we apply to our mouthes.

Coming to that realization was a big wakeup call for me. But don’t worry! There are so many wonderful, non-toxic alternatives to conventional lip glosses, lip sticks, lip balms, and lip liners.

My favourite green lipsticks are the ones pigmented with real fruits by 100% Pure. Their cocoa matte lipsticks are the perfect green alternative to MAC lipsticks and other super-opaque lip colours. Axiology lipsticks and lip crayons are another go-to for me. If you like the look of lip glosses, I would highly recommend Axiology lipsticks for their high-gloss finish. Axiology lip crayons are more sturdy than their lipsticks, both in formula and packaging. Don’t forget to detox your lip balms too!

The Purist Picks Non-Toxic Lip Products:

All of these lip products are cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic.

  1. Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Matte Lipsticks by 100% Pure. (Soft-Matte Finish. I love the neutral-pink shades Sahara & Cassia, the moody red Desert Rose, and the vibrant shades Catus Bloom, Protea, and Strawberry Catus.)
  2. Organic luxury lipsticks by Axiology. (Moisturizing-Glossy Finish. Bonafide, The Goodness, Loyalty, and True are my favourite shades so far.)
  3. Organic luxury lip crayons by Axiology. (Moisturizing-Dewy Finish. Bliss & Enduring are two shades that are highly wearable, but unique.)
  4. Lip Velvet by Clove & Hallow. (Semi-Matte finish.)
  5. Creamy Long Last Lip Liner by 100% Pure. (Dense-Matte Finish.)
  6. Pure Anada Lip balm. (Ultra-Moisturizing Glossy Finish.)
  7. Organic Sun Protection Lip Balm by Hurraw! (Ultra-Moisturizing Dewy Finish.)

Green Beauty Alternatives for Foundations, Primers, and Tinted Moisturizers

Similar to lip products, foundation and primer is absorbed by your skin. Have you ever noticed your once perfect coverage seems to have faded by the end of the day? Wondering where it went? Well, for a portion of it: it absorbed inside you.

If by 6 pm your foundation’s coverage is looking non-existent, there’s a good chance your skin has partially absorbed it. Choose ingredient-healthy primers and foundations ensure nothing nasty is getting into your skin. Keep in mind that many chemicals included in primers and foundations can be both drying and pore-clogging.

I noticed a reduction in facial acne after switching to green makeup and eating cleaner. Because I develop less acne now, I feel less inclined to cover-up makeup. My skin is in a much healthier place now.

The Purist Picks Non-Toxic Primers, Liquid & Powder Foundations, and CC Creams:

All of these face products are cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic.

  1. Luminous Primer by 100% Pure.
  2. Mattifying Primer by 100% Pure.
  3. Vita-Active Foundation by FitGlow Beauty (Semi-Matte Finish.)
  4. Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation by 100% Pure (Semi-Dewy finish).
  5. Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Healthy Foundation by 100% Pure (Medium-Dense Powder Matte Finish.)
  6. Alima Pure Pressed Power Foundation (Soft Powder Matte Finish) with a refillable pan.
  7. Pure Anada Pressed Powder Foundation (Soft Powder Matte Finish) with a refillable pan.
  8. Stem Cellular Organic CC Cream by Juice Beauty (Semi-Dewy Finish) with SPF 30.
  9. Organic Rose Essence Tinted CC Cream by COOLA (Dewy Finish) with SPF 20.
  10. Kosas Tinted Face Oil (Semi-Dewy Finish.)

Green Beauty Alternatives for Concealers

Just like foundations, concealers seep into your skin throughout the day. Choosing concealers made from botanicals and other non-toxic ingredients ensures you don’t just look good, but you’ll feel good long term!

The Purist Picks Non-Toxic Concealers:

All of these concealers are cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic.

  1. Duet Perfecting Concealer by HYNT Beauty is absolutely perfect for minimal makeup days. It melts into your skin like butter. I love this formula because it wears perfectly on my under eyes but can also conceal blemishes and discolorations. (Semi-dewy dense-matte finish.)
  2. Conceal + Correct by Clove & Hallow has become a quick fan-favourite for me and many other green beauty bloggers. (Soft powder dense matte finish.)
  3. Lightweight Concealer by Han Cosmetics is also good for “no makeup” makeup looks. (Dewy finish.)
  4. The super affordable, blendable, and light-weight Transcendant Conentrated Concealer by Pacifica is definitely worth checking out. Albeit, they only offer two shades. This is best for the undereye area. (Dewy finish.)
  5. Prime & Perfect Liquid Concealer by Pure Anada only offers a limited colour range but has a beautiful, long-wear finish if you can find your shade. (Semi-dewy finish.)


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