The Purist: Sharing Mission & Disclaimer

All opinions and views mentioned on ThePurist.Life are my own. They are mentioned to provide information, enjoyment and my personal assessment only.

When assessing skincare products: My skin type and concerns are widely shared on my blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel. (I have combination skin which is slightly oily in the summer and slightly dry in the winter. My skin is very acne prone and sensitive.) Please keep this in mind when assessing if the products that work well for my skin will also work well for you. All skincare items mentioned on ThePurist.Life are cruelty-free. Please see the next paragraph for what this means.

When assessing makeup: All products mentioned on ThePurist.Life are cruelty-free. Always. There are differing definitions of what “cruelty-free” entails. I use the following definition: “they do not conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that they pledge not to do so in the future.” – PETA. However, I will also include additional information, when available, on the brand’s parent company’s animal testing policies. Additionally, I will also point out when brands sell in countries where animal testing is required by law. It is ultimately up to you, the consumer, to determine which brand’s ethics are in line with your own.

Product Reviews: When offering a product review or an opinion on particular products, I can only share my personal experience. Everybody is different and what your unique system needs may differ from my own. Some of these products may not work for you, your skin or your body. Every post has a comment sections at the end so that you may share your experiences, good or bad, with the rest of the green beauty community. I will answer questions whenever possible, as it is important to me that people have enough accurate information about a product before trying it out themselves.


I want to create a reliable and trustworthy source of information for all of my loyal readers. I will never be paid or incentivized to speak positively about a product or brand that I don’t feel deserves it. Trust is important to me, and it’s important to me that my readers never feel they are being marketed something just for the sake of it.  I would hate to feel as though someone was lying to my face; therefore I follow the same principal. I will be constructive in my opinions but if I really dislike a product, then I will say so. In some cases, if I really dislike either the product or the brand, I will choose not to feature them entirely. I only feature items that I feel deserve to be featured in some form or another.


I utilize some affiliate commission services to earn a very small percentage of commission on product sales. (Often, this equals to roughly five to ten cents Canadian.) This is pretty common practice for bloggers. It helps us keep our websites running, provides financial ability to test different products (yes, the VAST majority of products I purchase with my own money), and helps with various other costs associated with researching, photographing, filming, and delivering product reviews. My affiliate links won’t even incur you more cost – the commission is taken from the retailer via the commission platform. It is a little ‘thank you’ from the retailer for me featuring their product. Again, if I don’t feel the product is up to my strict standards, you will not see or hear it mentioned on any of The Purist mediums.

Image Credits

The images on The Purist Life belong to this blog and author. Please do not use any of the imagery for professional purposes or material. If you would like to use any of the images on The Purist Life for your blog post or social media, please credit in the caption and link back to this blog. I will make sure that any external images are credited from their sources. However in case of any discrepancy, please use the contact information above to report the findings. I will immediately take the necessary actions.

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