Natalie Milakara – Toronto-based vegan blogger and ethical luxury enthusiast.

The Purist Life By Natalie Milakara

Ethical Luxury Vegan Blogger Focused on Beauty, Fashion, and Sustainability

Natalie Milakara is an ethical luxury vegan blogger based out of Toronto, Canada. After cutting her teeth in the fast-paced fashion, marketing, and tech industries, she realized that something was missing. If she wanted to see a change in the world, she believed she would need to start with her own habits first. After conquering her introverted ways, Natalie began publishing The Purist Life and YouTube videos to document what she learned.

As a kid growing up against the grain in ‘small-town’ USA, Natalie watched with anticipation as global attitudes towards humane ethics in fashion, beauty, and eating began to shift dramatically. People started showing interest in where she shopped for vegan shoes and handbags. More and more questions poured in about which beauty brands didn’t test on animals. Natalie realized that she was not alone in her pursuit of living more consciously, without sacrificing on quality.

The Purist Life is an honest, open dialogue of her journey into luxury vegan fashion, cruelty-free makeup, botanical-focused beauty products, and sustainable consumption habits.


How To Collaborate with Natalie Milakara.

Natalie is open to working with cruelty-free beauty brands, ethical or sustainable vegan fashion/accessory lines, and individuals promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Previous brand collaborations: 100% Pure cosmetics, Axiology vegan beauty, KYPRIS luxury botanical skincare, Outerknown sustainable fashion, JORD vegan handbags, WildMint Cosmetics skincare, ai Toronto Seoul vegan handbags, TheOne08 vegan handbags, and Four Sigmatic supplements.

Natalie’s affiliated eCommerce partners include: The Detox Market (US/CND), 100% Pure, Alltrueist, Axiology, KYPRIS, Petit Vour, MATE, Hair Holistic, and Four Sigmatic. She was also a panel judge at the 2019, 2020, and 2021 CertClean Clean Beauty Awards.

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Natalie Milakara - The Purist Life