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Help Me Find My Kibbe Body Category: The Easy Kibbe Quiz

Why Should I Find My Kibbe Body Category?

Knowing your Kibbe body type is an absolute game changer if you want to dress well and feel great in your clothes. This body ID system focuses on dressing in a way that echos and emulates your natural shapes and proportions, meaning outfits look effortless and truly the right fit to you. Almost like you’ve worked with a stylist, since these fashion professionals take the same things into account when dressing their clientele.

The Easiest Kibbe Category Self-Assessment Quiz:

I’ve been studying David Kibbe’s body type system for years. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I’ve gotten quite good at categorizing people using his methods. And when I started writing about his methods in relation to dressing, the questions came pouring in! So I’ve distilled down what I’ve learned as “the main Kibbe indicators” into some easy self-assessment questions.

This quiz is to help you identify which Kibbe category you may be: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Romantic or Gamine. This quiz won’t give you specifics on the subcategory, like “Soft” vs “Dramatic.”

Check out the quick quiz below to see which Kibbe body type category you fit in to.

Before You Begin…

Get a Good View

It’s helpful to have a full body photo of yourself taken from straight on, around your waist height.

Photo Tip: Use the camera app on your phone. Set a self timer, then place the phone on a table, shelf, or window sill that is approximately in line with your waist. You can use books, boxes, or other stable items to stack under the phone to raise its height.

The photo here of me is a good example of a straight-on, waist level photo to use for a Kibbe body type self-assessment.

Be Patient (And Kind) With Yourself

Keep in mind that if you’re new to the David Kibbe method, it may take a few tries before you really start to see your physical self in an un-biased way.

The first time I tried to ID myself, I had a preconceived belief that my body is far curvey and shorter than it actually is. And I set about answering the questions trying to prove that I was! (Of course I ended up with “Romantic”, since that’s a highly curvy and petite body type.)

TIP: Revisit this quiz in a month and see if you still answer the same way. Again, most people have biases about their physical bodies and it may take some time for you to discover your true shapes, lines, and proportions.

The Quick Kibbe Body Type Quiz

IMPORTANT: Record your individual quiz answers separately. The quiz will not record your answers.

Answer these five questions to asses which Kibbe Body type category (Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Romantic or Gamine) you may have. I’ve provided example photos to help you along the way. Though please keep in mind that each of these women are just a singular example of a body category and there are lots of variations within each group. *** Make sure to record your answers (A, B, C, D or E) somewhere so that you can refer back to them.***
TIP: When answering these questions, keep in mind that body fat can disguise our underlying bone structure. Consider your body at a healthy weight or when you were your most physically fit. Think about what your underlaying bone structure is like and where your skeleton is widest.
TIP: Think about where your body tends to naturally be full or fleshy, even at low weights—pay particular attention your upper arms and shoulders vs your thighs and hips. Is one area dramatically more fleshy that the other, or are they balanced? Or does fat seem to go disproportionally to your midsection?
As stated at the beginning, this quiz will NOT save your selections. Write them down separately before proceeding.