The Purist Life: A Curated Collection

After years of sleuthing, testing, and collecting, I’m pleased to share with you a tailored shopping page of my absolute favourites from beauty, wardrobe, and accessories. Many people know me for my years of ethical, vegan blogging on the topics of fashion, makeup, and skincare. One of the most common requests I receive these days is usually some form of “but what are your top recommendations?” So I decided to gather all of my most-loved purchases in one place. These are tried-and-true, high-quality items that I reach for constantly. Clothing and accessory items included here are some of my core wardrobe staples, which you’ve seen me wear over and over again. (Those are always the best investments, in my opinion.) All items in this list are vegan. And all wardrobe items are either ethically made or sustainably sourced; many are both. Enjoy browsing! And do keep in mind I am an affiliate for some of my favourite brands. When available, I’ll indicate if I have a coupon or savings that I can pass on to you.




Capsule Wardrobe Basics