Axiology: Super Luxurious, Non-Toxic Vegan Lipsticks

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Axiology: Super Luxurious, Non-Toxic Vegan Lipsticks

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A Lipstick as Hydrating as a Balm? Your Lips Will Thank You 💋

Axiology lipsticks are truly enjoyable at every level. These super-hydrating vegan lipsticks are one of my ultimate makeup discoveries.

If you are on the hunt for something special to add to your green makeup collection, Axiology may be right up your alley. This ethical brand prides itself on blending pure ingredients with a luxury look. And I think they do a damn good job of that.

You’ll have to experience the feel of these lipsticks for yourself. They are simply divine! The hybrid-blend of balm/gloss/lipstick, with zero stickiness, makes even the lipstick-intimidated, like myself, an immediate fan.


I couldn’t do a review of Axiology and not talk about the packaging. From the outside, these lipsticks are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The spring-loaded bullet applicator pops out of its case with a satisfying click. (Even co-workers and friends have inquired about these lipsticks, solely based on this clicking mechanism.) But the packaging doesn’t just look good, it’s also doing good. Beautifully-designed recycled paper boxes house the brushed-metal lipstick tubes. And the recycled paper is sourced from a small company in Bali, working to reduce waste on their island.

In addition to supporting the female-run recycled paper shop in Bali, Axiology also donates to the Orangutan Foundation International, abstains from rainforest-destroying Palm Oil, and is PETA approved.

The Formula Makes the Difference

Axiology lipsticks feature so many unique traits. But the formula really sets them apart. These lipsticks combine the look of a lip gloss with the comfort of a lip balm. And because Axiology uses natural oils and avocado butter as a base, their lipsticks are exceptionally hydrating, glossy and creamy. Your lips will feel quenched, plumped and sexy—I can pretty much guarantee it.

Let’s take a look at Axiology’s pure ingredient list:

Organic Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Avocado Butter, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Orange Peel Oil, Elderberry Fruit Extract, Neem Seed Oil.

Notice that the majority of the ingredients are organic and it is also vegan-friendly! All Axiology lipsticks are free from harmful toxins and animal ingredients.

My Favourite Lipsticks from Axiology

Each shade in the Axiology range has a different personality. I tend to grab Virtue most days, as it glides on bare lips beautifully with no need for lip liner. But Identity and Bonafide are also beautiful colours that I find very flattering and easy to wear.

Virtue – a veil of glossy Tuscan-orange sprinkled with cinnamon.

Virtue took me by surprise. I admit, I judged it by the product photo and was a little “meh” about the coppery-red at first. But (!) it looks so different when worn—the colour really comes alive! Virtue immediately became the “my lips but way better” go-to shade. I never want to be without it. It comes with me to brunch, the cottage, and impromptu nights out.

This is a super versatile lipstick, but I especially love it on hot summer days. Sunlight reflects off the subtle gold shimmer, making your lips look extra plush. The formula goes on sheer, so don’t be intimidated. But if you’re feeling bold, add a second coat to intensify this drop-dead gorgeous golden-caramel-red.

It’s worth noting that this colour also plays nicely with many different makeup looks. I hope that Axiology never stops making this shade!

Bonafide – a vixen-like red with peach undertones.

Bonafide is a classic red with a juicy finish. It reminds me of perfectly ripe Ambrosia apple. Due to its buttery, hydrating finish, Bonafide is way easier to work with than most red lipsticks. I typically pair this shade with a red lip liner to keep the edges looking refined. But, it can easily be applied on top of lip balm to create a more subtle, dewy look.

True to its name, and perhaps a nod to Southerners, Bonafide is a sophisticated scene-stealer. The bold hue is equally perfect for your LBD or your vegan-leather moto jacket. I like to pair Bonafide with a sharp cat-eye liner and a luminous hi-lighter, it’s the perfect mix!

Because this shade can be both warm or cool, it would be flatting on so many different skin tones. If you are looking for a “never let me down” red to add to your lipstick collection, definitely give Bonafide a whirl.

Identity – a frosty, Hello Kitty pink with a kiss of lilac.

Though this is a pale pink, it can be surprisingly fierce. Identity is the perfect colour to brighten up an overcast day. Which may be why I tend to over-apply this in the winter months. It has a slightly pearlized finish that dances between pink and pink-lavender.

Because Identity is quite a statement colour, I keep the rest of my makeup minimal and let my lips do the talking. One swipe goes on like a MAC lipgloss, with way more hydration and 0 stickiness. Two swipes reveals a super-vibrant Barbie pink with a high-shine finish. Pair with sunglasses and literally no one will mess with you.

Where to Buy Axiology Lipsticks

For the full product range, and for worldwide shipping, use the official Axiology website. There are also independent stores around the globe that stock Axiology.

For those shipping to the U.S., try GoodCubed. They have a selection of Axiology lipsticks and lip crayons, plus lots of other clean, cruelty-free beauty buys. GoodCubed was also kind enough to set up a discount code just for you: Enter ‘thepurist10’ for 10% off!

Canadian or US shoppers should also check out Although they don’t have the full range of Axiology colours (yet), they do have a decent selection. And routinely does sales, so check back every once in a while to see if you can catch your favourite green beauty products on sale.

Your local Sephora may carry the line if you live in, or are visiting, the U.S.


Final Thoughts

The fact that I’m on my third tube of Axiology lipstick speaks volumes. I’m not a huge lipstick girl, but these beauties are starting to turn me into one.

I love Axiology’s click-to-release mechanism on their tubes. Just be gentle! These are buttery-soft lipsticks and they need to be handled with care. The formula is rich, hydrating, and full of good ingredients. My lips look and feel amazing when I’m wearing any of these shades that I’ve tried. And because Axiology is an active participant in recycling programs, animal welfare charities and takes a firm stance against animal testing, I give them a solid 10/10.

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