Eileen Fisher & The Morse Code Kimono Jacket I’ve Been Living In

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Eileen Fisher & The Morse Code Kimono Jacket I’ve Been Living In

The Future is Female; And Earth-Conscious

You might recall this gorgeous kimono-style jacket from my Vegan Girl’s Guide to Sustainable Winter Coats. Yes, I decided to buy this sustainably made Eileen Fisher design for myself!

Practicality aside, (it can be worn as a dress or a jacket!!) this garment represents something much deeper to me. Read on to hear about the hidden meaning behind the Future is Female collection.

The Future is Female.

Those dots and dashes are more than a pretty pattern. Hidden in the print of this beautiful kimono-style jacket a message: “The Future is Female.” I love the subtle nod towards our changing social and economic landscapes.

Since its inception, Eileen Fisher has been making meaningful contributions towards female empowerment. And it’s an effort they continue to support with this capsule collection. Ten percent of the sales of the Future is Female collection from Eileen Fisher go to Girls Who Code.

The Girls Who Code organization is close to my heart. As a female programmer myself, I know that girls can greatly benefit an extra boost to make it in the tech industry. We have few role models and mentors in this industry. But working with programming languages has literally changed my life. I’ve built this website and many others over the past 10 years. My career wouldn’t be possible without the programming expertise that I use to differentiate myself from others in my field. I’ve seen the tech industry change a lot over the past decade. Making code accessible (and appealing!) to women opens up a world of possibilities and a more diverse technology landscape. We are half the consumers of digital products. So why shouldn’t we be building and directing them too?

Morse Code Tencel Kimono Jacket by Eileen Fisher
Top & Skirt by Mendacino
Gold Falabella bag by Stella McCartney
Boots by GUESS

Ethical Ice Queen.

You can tell from the snow on the ground (and the pink colour of my face!) that it was quite chilly out when we were shooting these photos. And yet it wasn’t one of those “icy” winter days either. I don’t have many choices for these in-between winter days where I don’t want to be sweating in a thick winter coat but I also need some extra protection from the elements. Because this kimono-style jacket is long and comes with a waist tie, I can wrap myself up while I’m outside and keep it open and airy if I’m indoors.

The Tencel fabric by Eileen Fisher is made from responsibly harvested trees. During manufacturing, 99.5% of all water and solvents are recycled, meaning the Tencel fiber is produced with nearly zero waste. It’s safer for those handling it, and better for the environment.

As a bonus, it can also be worn as a wrap dress! I love the versatility and elegance of this design.

The More Code Tencel Kimono Jacket is currently on sale at the Eileen Fisher website. It comes in petite (hi!), regular, and plus sizes. The range of sizes for everybody is just another reason to love this high-quality, conscious, female-empowering brand.

Foundation & brows by Charlotte Tilbury
Concealer by Hynt Beauty
Lipstick in ‘Identity’ by Axiology
Eyeliner by Marc Jacobs

Have you tried anything from Eileen Fisher yet?
XO Natalie

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