Packing List: Spa & Wellness Retreat to Rustic St. Anne’s Country Castle

What to Bring to a Wellness Spa for a 3 – 4 Day Trip

St. Anne’s Spa has always been a dream destination for me. The 1800’s heritage country castle is located out in the rolling countryside. And, it’s onaly a short drive from Toronto. It’s the ideal mix of serene wellness spaces, modern spa treatments, shabby-chic cottage rooms, and thoughtful farm-to-table eating.

Sounds pretty dreamy, right? And after the past 13(!) months of being confined to our home, this wellness retreat was a welcome mini-escape.

Here’s What I’m Packing for our Spa & Wellness Retreat to St. Anne’s:

As always, the vast majority of items are vegan and either made of sustainable materials or are assembled ethically. Each item will have either location of ethical manufacturing or type of sustainable material information beside it, based on which category the item falls in to. All items are vegan, unless otherwise noted.

You can also read my full review of Ste. Anne’s spa if you’re looking for Ontario-based travel ideas.

Style Tip: This packing list was specifically crafted for Kibbe Soft Classic Body Types, but it would suit anyone looking for a classic, timeless style too.
Not sure what a Kibbe Body Type is?

Links to each sustainable or ethically-manufactured item can be found after the graphic. 🙂 I’ve also included the size that I purchased and my current body measurements.

Sun protection

* (second-hand from a consignment shop)




Size Guide

Above I’ve shared the exact sizes I’ve purchased for each piece. And here are my current measurements for reference:

Height: 5’2.5″ 
Bust: 35” (32 D) 
Waist: 26” 
Hips: 38” (Usually a size 27” in jeans)

Shoes: typically US 7.5 or EU 37

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