Weekend Rituals with May Lindstrom and 100% Pure

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Weekend Rituals with May Lindstrom and 100% Pure

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Stress Release, Long Soaks and Decadent Skin Treatments

Your personal rituals reveal a lot about you. For me, weekends rituals are all about indulgence. Long bubble baths, mimosas at brunch, pedicures and snuggling with my cat. (Ok, I snuggle with my cat everyday. But weekend morning are especially cozy and lazy.)

Although my weekend schedule fluctuates quite a bit, some things remain a constant: espresso, catching up on world news and trying out various skin treatments.

Left to Right: The Good Stuff, Youth Dew, Organic Purist (by 100% Pure), The Jasmine Garden, The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom Skin.

The May Lindstrom Skin line is one of my go-tos for nontoxic luxury skin care. My current Saturday routine starts with the Problem Solver mask and a long bath. (Bubbles and wine optional.)

Like all add-water powder formulas, make sure you gradually drip in water to reach the perfect consistency. It should be mousse-like and not runny. I mix mine in a vintage sugar dish that was my grandmothers 🙂 And then use the May Lindstrom masking brush to apply a thick coat to my face and neck.
An other tip when using the Problem Solver: this mask can become powdery as it dries, so be careful of your clothing and sofas/beds/what ever you are lounging on! I find it’s easiest to massage the mask away while I’m in the bath, instead of over the sink. But it’s definitely worth it! My skin is clearer and more refined after each use. And it’s also a game changer when dealing with active acne or acne scars.

Product tips: Do not store your natural beauty products in the bathroom or anywhere humid! Humidity can introduce water to products which can cause bacteria growth or spoil its effectiveness. It’s also a good idea to avoid putting your fingers into natural products, as even if your hands are clean, you will be introducing contaminants. Use a clean beauty spoon, wand or brush instead.

Afterwards, while my skin is still soft and moist, I warm a chickpea-sized portion of the Blue Cocoon in between my palms. Before applying the blue goodness to my face, I take a few moments to slowly breathe in the aroma. It’s seriously so relaxing! If I’m pressed for time (ie: no time to lounge!) I will skip the skin balm and go right to my current favourite moisturizer for combination skin: Organic Purist by 100% Pure. This stuff comes out thick but absorbs very fast and has a semi-matt finish. And it smells like vanilla and fresh honeysuckle flowers.

Using a gently patting motion followed by upward strokes is the best method for applying products to you face. Patting presses the product into your skin and pores, while using sweeping upward strokes with finger tips is great for promoting circulation and softening wrinkles.

I finish my ritual off with several sprays of the Jasmine Garden. The smell is out of this world intoxicating. It like walking through a warm jungle of exotic flowers.

My skin is still a work-in-progress, I have a few blown-out pores and a lot of acne scarring. But eating clean and using gentle, non-toxic skincare items has really taken my skin to the next level.

Despite what our fast-paced society may tell you, you shouldn’t feel guilty about making self-care a priority. In fact, I think it’s a must for most people. If you want to go fast, sometimes you need to go slow.

Taking time for yourself at scheduled intervals is important for productivity, mental health and general well being. I pour so much of my focus and energy into everything I do, by the time Saturday rolls around I’m literally a cranky zombie. Thankfully, my ritual fixes that. And I can get on with being the best version of myself 🙂

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