Visiting the Premier Holistic Beauty Expo

Queen West was host to Toronto’s very first Holistic Beauty Expo.

We stopped by to sample what was new, learn about holistic whole-body health, and see what it takes to become a green beauty guru.

Green and holistic beauty brands pride themselves on the integrity of their ingredients. And there really is a science to it. You can’t just slap a water-soluble with an oil and expect it to blend, nor can you mix plant oils in any old base to preserve their potency. Being a holistic beauty expert means having an in-depth understanding of the chemistry of natural ingredients.

Province Apothecary, Okoko Cosmetics, Boosh, Cocoon Apothecary + Malechemy, Selfish, Zaya Exo Skincare, Bella Aura, Clean Kiss Organic, and so many more natural beauty brands had setup shop in the top floor of the charming Burroughes building at Queen & Bathurst. It was really nice to meet some of these brand founders in person and sample a bunch of products I’ve only ever seen online. Let’s drive right in!

I follow Oyeta, the creator of Okoko Cosmétiques, on Instagram and have been lusting after her exotic all-natural skincare line for far too long. So, naturally, I bee-lined for her counter as soon as I saw it. I’m excited to say that Okoko Cosmétiques lived up to my fangirl expectations! My favourites were the SUBLIME Tomato Lycopene Multi-Purpose balm, LES 16 PRÉCIEUX Radiance Serum & Youth Oil, and the L’ÉLIXIR DE PURETÉ Sang Du Dragon concentrate. On top of that, Oyeta is such a beautiful soul! She is so kind and has such an uplifting energy. I took the LES 16 PRÉCIEUX oil serum home with me, but I will probably be back for the others soon.

Ste. Anne’s Spa has been on my to-visit list for about a year now. The spa is an all-inclusive nature-focused retreat with beautiful grounds that remind me of the English countryside—except they are located in Ontario! Every meal is prepared for you ground-to-plate (vegan, gluten-free options abound, but their two in-house top chefs can make whatever you like!) But it’s not an overly “fussy” sort of spa either. Expect to be greeted by friendly faces and a plush robe upon arriving. I’m stoked that they are now making their very own skincare line sourced directly from their gardens!

Can we just talk about the Burroughes building itself though real quick? Original factory buildings are becoming a rarer and rarer sight these day… but I LOVE the architecture of these old Toronto gems. The brick walls, the massive glass windows, creaky wooden floors, ancient metal elevators, and the towering ceilings simply ooze character. Mixed with the gentle smells of essential oils and botanicals, it was the perfect urban setting for sampling holistic beauty products.

My sister Rhianna also came along. If you are meeting her for the first time, here she is! Isn’t she super cute?? Her skin always looks this good by the way. I know, I’m jealous too.

Walking facials, massages, and acupuncture treatments were a nice treat. As were the speaking sessions where we learned about meditation, vitamins and nutrients, healing herbs, time-tested natural remedies, as well as general self-empowerment and whole-body health.

Speaking of whole-body health, I would like to end this post with a photo of my sister gazing at the Panini advertisement outside.

Hair details: Zaya – Hair Oil soothing & repairing hair treatment. Rhianna says “It smells like Life Savers candies.”

If you want to learn more about the Holistic Beauty Expo, you can visit their website for more information on upcoming events.


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