Green Beauty I’m Currently Obsessed With… | #03

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Green Beauty I’m Currently Obsessed With… | #03

Beauty, Green/Holistic, Makeup, Skin Care /

Calyx luxury CBD lotion, Le Labo body lotion, Evio cream blushes, WildMint citrus facial cleanser, and Curata botanical perfume.

Today’s I’m Currently Obsessed With green beauty round-up will leave you dripping in sexy, touchable moisturization with tantalizing scents. Come see what I’ve been relying on lately to get an enviable, youthful glow.

Calyx Smooth CBD Green Beauty Lotion

This (potentially controversial?) green beauty product contains 600mg of hemp-extracted CBD oil inside 75 grams of the most luxury-feeling lotion I’ve ever put on my face! When I first received my Calyx order, I was using the Smooth lotion on my hands and chest to help bring down my anxiety (from time to time on bad days, I still do.)

But here’s where the Smooth lotion really shines: as a nighttime facial moisturizer. After applying a serum (I’m currently using the solid ones from LUSH), I massage this lotion onto my face, chest, and neck. Combined with lymphatic massage movements, this lotion helps lull me to sleep when my mind is restless. And it makes my skin baby-soft. CBD oil aside, the ingredient list is top-notch too. Calyx Smooth lotion is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains many wonderful skin-enhancing ingredients like virgin coco creme, glycerine, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, seaweed extract, lavender, and sandalwood.

Buy Calyx Smooth CBD Lotion

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Please be aware that cannabinoid products may be prohibited where you live. For safe shipping, don’t order CBD products outside of Canada.)

WildMint Citrus Cleanser

I do a little happy dance every single time I use this creamy facial cleanser! It literally smells like a natural creamsicle. Since swearing off harsh cleansers, I’ve been obsessed with facial washes that feel more like a lotion. (Hellooooo natural glow! Good-bye flakey eczema patches.) And this one is easily one of my favourites.

The Citrus Cleanser by WildMint is everything you could want in a green beauty facial cleanser: it’s gentle but effective, smells ah-mazing, contains skin-soothing ingredients, and it’s affordable. This product was kindly sent to me along with other items from Wild Mint’s new skincare line, and this is one of the standouts. I haven’t come across anything quite like it in the green beauty market.

The ingredients are impressive, given the very reasonable price-point: apricot oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, oat silk, melon and grapefruit extract, and a hint of ylang-ylang. Wild Mint is also cruelty-free and vegan.

Buy WildMint Citrus Cleanser
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Le Labo Lys 41 Body Lotion

Le Labo is a cult favourite among those who covet luxury green beauty scents. Their boutiques can be spotted in across New York, and internationally in Toronto, Dallas, Paris, Copenhagen, and Tokyo, to name a few. They have a wide range of bespoke natural perfumes that tend to be more on the moody-side. My current favourite fragrances from Le Labo are Lys, Labdanum, and Jasmin. Though, to be honest, I would be happy with anything from them! They now produce home and body products.

Lys is a bright floral with sweet, earthy undertones. Le Labo’s Lys body lotion is lovely year-round. But it’s also wonderful for laying under perfume for a really captivating effect.

I smooth this light lotion over my arms, chest, and legs whenever my skin needs a quick pick-me-up. It absorbs on contact, yet leaves the skin with a soft, supple finish that lasts for hours.

Le Labo is also cruelty-free and the majority of products are vegan. (Some report that Le Labo is 100% vegan since ingredients like musk are synesthetic instead of animal-derived, but I haven’t seen an official statement from the company confirming that.)

Buy Le Labo Lys Body Lotion

Evio Beauty Blendable Cream Blush

My obsession with cream blushes continues. And these two by Evio Beauty are a powerhouse combination of colour pay-off, long-wear, and dead-simple to apply. Oh, and they are only $20 CND. So 💁‍♀️.

As you may already know, I avoid heavy makeup for fear of breakouts. So simple, non-toxic beauty products are a staple for me. I received the shades B1 and B2 as part of a sample set from Evio Beauty, and I have been reaching for them any time I want to add a little natural flush to my cheeks.

What I really like about these cream blushes is that they have a more matte finish, unlike most green beauty cream blushes which are high-shine/dewy. You only need 2 – 3 dots of this saturated product and the tips of your fingers to get a very convincing natural colour. Or, layer under a similarly-coloured powder blush for an ethereal, glass-skin makeup look. Dust the tiniest amount of the powder blush on the highest point of your cheekbones and your face will look like a million bucks–trust me. Finish with brow gel and a coloured lip gloss. Boom, you are ready for mimosas at brunch… or just, you know, going to work.

Buy Evio Beauty Blendable Cream Blush

Curata Dulceo Botanical Green Beauty Perfume

If you are looking for a natural scent that will turn heads, look no further. The Dulceo scent by Curata is decadent, sophisticatedly sweet, and hypnotic. It’s basically everything I look for in a perfume: No toxic chemicals, intriguing scents, and beautiful packaging. You will immediately pick up notes of caramel, sweet orange, and vanilla, with Jasmine, Cocoa, and Neroli.

The one personal downside of Dulceo is that it contains caramel extract and butter extract, so it is not vegan. Boo. (I didn’t realize this until after purchasing it.) However, it is cruelty-free and contains 55% organic ingredients. I truly love the scent. I had to pick it up at this year’s Green Beauty Expo after lusting after it for nearly a year.

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