Ilia Review: True Skin Serum Foundation, Concealer, and Colorblock Lipstick

Beautiful, Effective, and Splurge-Worthy Clean Makeup by Ilia.

I first discovered Ilia in back in 2015, when I had just started to dipping my toes into the green makeup community. Walking into the Pure + Simple spa in Yorkville, the Ilia makeup display immediately caught my eye. Their packaging was chic and minimalist, yet had a high-quality weight that I usually associated with luxury makeup brands. Back then, Ilia only offered lipsticks which contained beeswax. I went ahead and purchased ‘Funnel of Love’ from the line to test out. It became my favourite lipstick that summer.

Flash forward to 2020, and Ilia is available at several shops, including Sephora! This is amazing news for multiple reasons, the first being that it’s a clear indicator that consumers (like you!) are seeking cleaner makeup products. You may remember that I rank conventional lip products as the single most important makeup item to swap for clean alternatives.

Although I had loved the previous formula, I vowed to not purchase it again due to the ingredients. Naturally, I was thrilled when Ilia launched their Color Block line of lipsticks! (At this point, I buy vegan products exclusively.) I did a little happy dance when I saw that their products were available from the Sephora website, including their new True Skin Serum line of foundations and concealers. I purchased a few more items to add to my Ilia collection. These are the latest products that I’ve been testing from the brand:

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Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation Review

The base of aloe makes the True Skin Serum Foundation a nice makeup-skincare hybrid. Because my skin is combination and a little on the oily/acne-prone side, I keep my moisturizer light if I plan to layer the True Skin Serum foundation later. This foundation has a semi-dewy finish and offers medium, buildable coverage. The formula feels very lightweight. Almost like a skin serum! Unlike most foundations, my skin feels refreshed applying, especially if I’ve used a damp beauty sponge.

On an average day, I will use a single pump and dab that across my forehead and cheeks, using my fingertips to blend the product across my skin. This creates an über-natural look, somewhat like a BB Cream. For a more flawless, saturated application, use a damp beauty blender or sponge. Lightly press the foundation into your skin, but don’t drag or over-blend as this will pull the product away. You can create a more full-coverage finish by going in a second or third time on areas where you need it. (For me, that’s around my jawline where I have some faded acne marks.) Using a large, dense foundation brush to buff out the True Skin Serum Foundation is also an option. This creates a beautiful airbrushed look however the brush bristles will absorb the product. Meaning, you may end up using more if you go this route.

Because my skin is on the oily side, I like to finish with a setting powder to keep everything in place.

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This is a beautiful, serum-like, medium-weight foundation that doesn’t clog my acne-prone skin. I’m typically not a big fan of foundations, but I love this one! My skin never feels dull or dehydrated after use. The True Skin Serum Foundation removes super easily with a standard makeup remover. Expect “your skin but better” results. If you prefer a more full-coverage look, you can layer in the areas where you need it.

Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer Review

Just like the foundation, this concealer formula is made with aloe as the base. It is similar in coverage and is best for creating natural-looking results. The True Skin Serum Concealer is best for the undereye area and is less ideal for covering pimples or acne marks. This is because the formula is lightweight, creamy, and has a satin finish. Which is exactly what you need for the delicate eye area! But this also means it doesn’t hold up well on parts of your face that you may accidentally touch or that require more full coverage.

Notice that when I swatch the 1.5 concealer shade (right) next to the 1.5 foundation shade (left) that the concealer has a more peachy tone to it. This subtle colour difference means it will camouflage darkness around the eyes and has an overall brightening effect.

Ilia’s True Skin Serum Concealer wears beautifully throughout the day. I personally do not notice any creasing, and the formula feels light and refreshing. It also blends seamlessly with the True Skin Serum Foundation. Like the foundation formula, this product looks like real skin.


This is a beautiful, flattering, and easy to wear concealer that is perfect for under the eyes or any area of your face that you’d like to brighten. I wouldn’t recommend this for concealing pimples or dark acne marks, as the formula doesn’t lend itself to that.

Ilia Colorblock High Impact Lipstick Review

First, the shade range in the Colorblock lipsticks is stunning but highly wearable. The fact that the formula is vegan is a big plus for me since the green market tends to use beeswax to “firm up” and add structure to stick formulas. I was a fan of Ilia’s original lipstick line, so it’s nice that I can continue buying their lipsticks again now that I’m vegan.

The shade Amberlight is one of the lightest shade available in Ilia’s Colorblock range. It’s a deeper peachy-pink with amber undertones and a whisper of brown, which makes it a little more sultry than innocent. I find this shade can be worn without lipliner, which is great because I’m lazy most days haha.

In these photos, I used a lip oil to condition my lips before I applied my makeup. So the lipstick alone would have a little less sheen to it than what you see here. This lipstick has a semi-matte finish with full-coverage pigmentation. One swipe will give you a lot of colour. I guess that’s why the line is called “Colorblock” huh? I do find this formula a tiny bit on the dry side, which is why I opted to use the lip oil underneath.


Ilia’s Colorblock High Impact lipsticks are stunningly packaged and easy to wear. The shade Amberlights is highly versatile for my purposes, and I find myself reaching for it frequently. To bring this full circle, Amberlights is a close match to Funnel of Love, the original Ilia shade that I fell for years ago.

The formula is firm, highly pigmented, and creates a saturated, bold lip look. Because of how thick the product is, and the semi-matte finish, I usually start with a conditioning base to create a hydrating barrier for my parched lips. I do like this lipstick a lot and plan to buy more shades from the Colorblock line.

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