100% Pure Rose Gold Palette: Review and Swatches

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100% Pure Rose Gold Palette: Review and Swatches

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An In-Depth Look at the Fruit-Pigmented, Gemstone-Infused, Rose Gold Palette from 100% Pure.

Until the Rose Gold Palette launched, I’d been on the fence about which 100% Pure palette to get for years. Its golden coppery tones immediately appealed to me. Plus, most shades in the Rose Gold Palette are multi-purpose!

For example, the blush and highlight can both be used on the eyelids. And, depending on your skin tone and the rest of your makeup, the three eyeshadows could be used as pigmented highlighters overtop of complimentary-coloured blushes. (I faked higher cheekbones all summer using a little dab of Gleam!) If in doubt, a quick swatch-test on the back of your hand is a good indicator of colour pairings that will work on your face.

As with most of the makeup products by 100% Pure, the Rose Gold Palette gets its pigmentation from fruits. The ingredient list for the highlight, blush and eyeshadows is phenomenal! Besides standard fruits like strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, cherry, peach and apricot, these formulas also contain Vitamin E! It’s worth mentioning that the Blush contains rosehip seed oil, avocado butter, and cocoa seed butter. The Highlight formula is made with bamboo silica (hellooo pore-blurring effect!), rice starch, avocado butter, and cacao seed butter.

As for that shimmer throughout the palette? 100% Pure sources the glimmer from ground moonstone, opal, sunstone, and pyrite. It’s also worth noting that you should avoid this palette if you have a tomato allergy–several shades use it for its natural red pigmentation.

The packaging is simple in construction, yet very pretty. The cardboard and paper container is recyclable, so long as you remove the internal mirror and magnets.

Read on for my recommendation on what green, vegan makeup pairs well with the Rose Gold Palette, colour swatches, and a full demo application.

Full Palette Demo and Application

Press play below to watch.

Scroll down for photo swatches.

Rose Gold Palette by 100% Pure - Demo and Swatches

The Rose Gold Palette Pairs Well With…

Other products I’ve been testing from 100% Pure lately are the Long Last Brows in Taupe and the Creamy Long Last Eyeliner in Dark Cacao. I’ve paired today’s look with Strawberry Catus, from 100% Pure’s Cocoa Butter matte lipstick line. Other complementary lip options are Sahara, Bee Balm, Poppy, and Sultry. Shout out to Bonafide by Axiology, which is a perfect match for Primp, the blush shade in this palette!

Overall impressions

Overall, this palette is a win-win for me. But let me tell you a little about my skin so you can determine if these colours are suitable for you too:
My skin tone is neutral, with olive/gold undertones when I’m tanned but can take on pink qualities when I’m pale.

Also, my skin is super finicky and sensitive: I have larger pores that get clogged easily, leading to pimples. My skin can get a little oily by the end of the day, but it’s also dry feeling in the fall and winter especially. I’ve had no adverse reactions to any of the colours from this palette.

Rose Gold Palette by 100% Pure - Demo and Swatches

100% Pure Rose Gold Palette Swatches

Don’t be deceived by how “flat” or seemingly lack-luster these colours look in their pans. These shades are richly pigmented, multi-dimensional, and slightly holographic in sunlight.

  • Prism: Pearly pale gold highlighter with subtle, warm-beige shimmer.
  • Primp: Coppery-rose blush with an iridescent-peach shimmer.
  • Luster: Coppery-caramel bronze eyeshadow with chocolate undertone and rosy-pink shimmer.
  • Gleam: Cool-toned pale pinky nude eyeshadow with rosy undertones and light pink shimmer.
  • Glimmer: Pumpkin-cinnamon eyeshadow with burnt-orange undertone and rosy-pink shimmer.

The powder formula appears creamy on the skin and stays put for hours. Scroll up to the top of this post for some of the standout ingredients!

Rose Gold Palette by 100% Pure - Demo and Swatches

Get My Rose Gold, Clean Beauty Look

All brands are cruelty-free and clean-ingredient focused. All products mentioned are 100% vegan.

  1. Duet Cream concealer in Medium – Hynt Beauty
  2. Powder Foundation in Very Fair – Pure Anada
  3. Long Last Brows in Taupe – 100% Pure
  4. Essential Brow in Medium Brown – Ilia
  5. Rose Gold Fruit-Pigmented Palette – 100% Pure
  6. Long Last Creamy Eyeliner in Dark Cacao – 100% Pure
  7. Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Cactus – 100% Pure

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