How To Rock Winter Whites

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How To Rock Winter Whites

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White is One of My Favourite Colours to Wear Year-Round.

Here’s How I Make it Work With My Luxury Vegan Loafers by GUNAS.

I’m not sure why wearing white or pastel colours in the winter gets a bad rep? It’s such a cheery pick-me-up! I love to layer with either light colours or even sparkles when the weather gets dark and dreary. To make white accessories look effortless, match them with other white items. Even a plain white shirt is a great option to match a white bag or shoes.

And to whomever says that white does suit everyone: that’s a lie, everyone looks fantastic in white! If stark white isn’t your cup of tea, try cream or taupe. These colours are a little more earthy and easy to accessorize with navy, black, deep greens or reds. Bright red is really having a moment this winter, and it pairs brilliantly with white and black outfits.

My order from GUNAS just arrived, and I thought why not take these gorgeous vegan loafers out for a walk around town! I paired them with a blazer and an eye-catching clutch that echo the white and gold colours of the shoes. Because of the fall breezes, a coat was a must. I chose a fitted one with a similar cut to the blazer so that they layered comfortably. I love the end result! What do you think?

PS: Scroll to the end of the post for vegan pizza in downtown Toronto!

Layering is Key for Transitional Weather

Regardless of your outfit’s colour palette, smart layering allows you to adjust your outfit’s insulation easily.

Personally, I dread throwing on a warm, thick sweater and then a warm cozy coat, only to be profusely sweating and itching in the subway. On days when you know that you’ll be in and out of different temperature levels, try layering with medium to light-weight fabrics. This way, you can take off or put on items to suit your comfort. I use this exact layering technique when I fly, as I’m typically going from somewhere cold to somewhere warm, or vice versa.

On this particular winter day, it was very pleasant when the sun came out! But my coat was on the ready for when the sun dipped back behind the clouds or skyscrapers. Later that evening when we went to dinner, both the blazer and the coat came off because it was super toasty in the restaurant.

Not only does layering look great, it is practical.

Coat: French Connection
Blazer: Zara
Belt: ASOS
Shoes: GUNAS
Clutch: Aldo

Vegan Eats in Toronto

Lastly, I thought I’d share a bit about Pizza Libretto. They offer vegan cheese now, so Dusan and I have been visiting frequently! We’ve checked out their Danforth, Ossington and University locations. All of them are cozy, charming and chic. Make reservations if you don’t like waiting!

They bake their thin crust pizza in a brick oven on site. We usually go for the Marinara*, Margarita, or Kale*. *Ask for vegan cheese. Nom nom nom!

Thanks for expanding your menu to include vegan options Pizza Libretto!

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