Why You Should Buy Luxury Items in Neutral Colours

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Why You Should Buy Luxury Items in Neutral Colours

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Ensure Your Investments Are Timeless.

Buying anything in a neutral colour is an almost 100% guarantee that you’ll enjoy it and use it longer.

When it comes to fashion trends, the most prominent things that fluctuate are colours, patterns, and silhouette. Of course, there’s always the dreaded trendy “it” item. (Do you remember when ponchos were a cool thing in the early 2000s? Will “dad sneakers” suffer the same fate? I can almost guarantee it.)

Colour palettes can be just as trendy as fashion accessories. Think about Oxblood red, avocado green, or Millennial pink. These are colours that feel fresh and new at the moment, but can quickly date an item to within a 5 year period. In other words, buying things in neutral colours is your best bet for something looking timeless! Now, I certainly don’t want to dissuade you from buying colours that you absolutely love. By all means, play with mustard yellow, lilac, and Tiffany blue. Those are all beautiful colours that bring character to your wardrobe.

But when dropping a lot of dough, think about if you will still love that colour 3 years from now. Or, on a more practical note, will you have things in your wardrobe 5 years from now that match with it?

When I recently invested in a pair of ethical & sustainably made Veerah heels, I knew the beige-pearl colour would easily last for 5 years in my professional wardrobe. And isn’t this metallic-champagne skirt from Reiss swoon-worthy? Although the material has a shimmy, light-catching quality to it, the fact that it’s a light beige colour means it will go with many tops and accessories I already own. And I don’t have to worry about it going out of style anytime soon.

I took these neutral beauties out for a stroll on a bright summer day in Toronto. Let me know if you like the end results!

Nuetral Luxury Items Will Always be In-Vogue

When you are making fashion (and interior design!) investments, some good advice is to stick to neutral colours. Not only do neutrals stand the test of time, they also play well with other items in your collection. You will hear time and time again that wearing mostly neutral colours can make any outfit look more expensive! Think about how chic an all Black Ensemble looks. Or how posh someone in head-to-toe ivory looks.

A final tip for all you short girls out there: a monochrome colour palette does wonders for elongating your figure!

Neutral Doesn’t Just Mean Black or White

Fashion moves at a breakneck pace, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep up with it either. At the end of the day, don’t forget that this is your wardrobe and you play by your own rules.

If white, black, navy, ivory, or beige aren’t your jam, then why not try out olive, golden-khaki, blush, or espresso? I would argue that these four colours are also great “neutrals,” because they are timeless and you will always be able to find them. Sure, they will have moments of being Fashion’s darling-of-the-moment. But they are also reliably available season after season. These are not trendy colours. They are timeless colours.

A neutral colour palette for you may be different than someone else’s definition of it. You know what you gravitate towards best. And that’s what is so brilliant about personal style! The outfit featured in this post combines mushroom, cream, and champagne to create a cohesive luxury look. But feel free to try head-to-toe espresso, navy, or charcoal as well.

The Final Verdict on my Veerah Frida Heels

I’m super pleased with how comfortable these ethically-made high heels are! I walked around for hours in them without developing blisters. Not to mention how lovely their design is.

If you are curious to learn more about Veerah’s vegan luxury shoes, I put together an Unboxing + Review video on my YouTube channel. In it, you’ll find all sorts of helpful information on the fabric, fit and design.

Embroidered Top from H&M Sustainable Collection
Alisa Metallic Midi Skirt by Reiss
Recycled Plastic Handbag by Matt + Nat
Frida Vegan High Heels by Veerah

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