What to Wear in Early Spring

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What to Wear in Early Spring

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Break out of Your Winter Blahs 🌷

Every year around mid-February I get “the itch.” It starts small, barely noticeable. But by March I’m in full-blown “is it freakin’ Spring yet???” madness. This year it feels particularly painful. If you are also cursed restricted by living in the North, you know the exact feeling I’m talking about.

It’s the all-consuming urge to feel the sun on your skin, see green leaves on the trees, and smell pastel flowers in bloom.

After emerging from your winter hibernation of soy-lattes and thick socks, the heart-breaking yearning for cute shoes and sundresses is so real. However—and here’s the real kicker— spring is still at least a month away. It’s April 13 today and we received snow only two days ago.

You may find yourself picking up pieces that remind you of warmer months. But you can actually start incorporating some of your spring clothes into your outfits right now!

Sure, it’s still nippy outside. But with the right layers and a refreshing colour palette, there’s no need to put off the seasonal change in your wardrobe. Here are my styling tips for those chillier, early-spring days.


Lighter Layers and Candy-Coloured Accents

When transitioning from winter to spring, opt for medium-weight knits over basic tops. Just remove the outer layer if you get too hot. Which is inevitable for me, given that the heating is either blasting or turned off when Toronto is in Spring-time-limbo. Also for this time of year, my preference is lighter coloured knits. Ivory, robin’s egg blue, nude pinks, and beige are in constant rotation for me, but you do you!

Oddly enough I’ve never been one for light coloured denim. But I find myself gravitating to it like a moth to the flame! The pair I’m wearing here is the first pair I’ve ever owned. I had summer outfits in mind when I purchased them, but they turned out to be the perfect partner for sweaters. They make cozy layers feel fresh and new. Plus the little pearl and rhinestone details with the distressing effects remind me of all the “cool” jean trends I was too timid to try when I was younger. (Actually, I DIY’d a few pairs of plain jeans that looked really badass. But those went by the wayside once I started my professional career.)

If you need protection from the wind, don’t forget to throw a coat over top. You can wear it open or remove it later. Just don’t sacrifice your comfort for fashion—that’s never a good look on anyone.


A Big Tote Bag Makes Life Easier

I love a good sized bag during transition months! They offer the convenience of having multiple options as the temperature shifts. Some of the things I tossed into my bag: a light-weight scarf, sunglasses, lip balm and a bright lipstick by 100 Pure.

Having the option to add or remove layers on-the-go is so liberating. I could even fit this cozy cream-coloured sweater inside! This vegan leather bag was generously provided by Melie Bianco and I find myself reaching for it all the time. Not only was I surprised by the quality of the fabric and metal details, but I love how durable and practical it is. Love it!


Try a Bright Lipstick, Fun Nail Polish, or Delicate Jewelry

This last tip is a super easy and very affordable way to gently nudge yourself out of the winter blahs.

I recently fell in love with the cocoa butter matte lipsticks by 100% Pure. I’m wearing the shade Pink Canyon today, paired with their Pink Brandy fruit-pigmented lip liner. I also love Sahara, and have my eye on a few more vibrant shades from the line.

Switching up your nail polish and jewelry is a dead-simple way to shake up your look. I tend to put on more sparkles when I’m bummed about how poor the weather is. It’s an instant pick-me up!

Sweater: Mendicino
Jeans: Buffalo
Bag: Melie Bianco – Jamie Shoulder Bag in Saddle
Earrings: Michael Kors
Shoes: ZARA

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