The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Sustainable Winter Coats: 2020

Introducing the 2020 Sustainable Vegan Winter Coat Roundup.

My highly-popular sustainable vegan winter coat guide is back! Written by a Canadian; so you know I’m looking for true warmth and wind resistance. (None of those “fall-appropriate” jackets found here!) These vegan winter coats are for -10° C and below.

I’ve broken my vegan winter coat roundup into five catagories this year:

  1. (Warm) Fashion-Forward Vegan Winter Coats
  2. (Warmest) Canadian-Proof Vegan Winter Coats
  3. Luxury-Level Vegan Winter Coats
  4. (Mildy Warm) Vegan Wool Coats
  5. Expedition and Sport Vegan Winter Coats

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1. (Warm) Fashion-Forward Vegan Winter Coats

Ecoalf’s 3-in-1 Isola Winter-Trench Coat

Let’s start off with a bang. Here is a coat that is beautiful, ethical, and innovative. This transforming coat by Ecoalf can be worn three ways, due to its double-layer design. I’ve recently purchased several items from Ecoalf and have been beyond pleased. The Isola coat is no exception. It’s seriously my favourite investment this winter! I really enjoy that the exterior layer can be removed to create a completely different look.

Check out this YouTube video where I unbox and try on the Isola winter trench coat. *Ecoalf is a B-Corp Certified company.

Girlfriend Collective Long & Cropped Puffers

Also made from recycled plastic bottles, this parka will keep your full body toasty while not adding too much bulk to your silhouette. I’ve been a fan of Girlfriend’s leggings for many years, and I’m glad to see that they are expanding their body-positive clothing line. *Manufactured in SA8000 certified, fair trade factory in Vietnam. 

NOIZE Parkas; Various Styles

I wanted to give a quick mention about NOIZE, since they are more affordable than other brands on this list and have a great variety of fashion-forward styles. NOIZE is a 100% vegan company. If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly version of popular winter brands like Rudsak, Nobis, All Saints, Canadian Goose, etc, then I’d suggest checking this more ethical brand out. *Manufacturing details not disclosed.

2. (Warmest) Canadian-Proof True Winter Coats

Wuxly’s Queen II Parka

After fan feedback, Wuxly re-released their Queen Parka (named after Queen Street, I can only assume), in new Herribone fabrics. This variation was just released in 2020. *Made ethically and responsibly in Canada.

Wuxly’s Doe IV Parka

Still a classic! And Wuxly has continued to tweak the design. This is the latest IV version of the Doe Parka which was just released in 2020. *Made ethically and responsibly in Canada.

Pangaia FLWRDWN Fitted Short Puffers

Oh my! While Pangia may be an O.G. eco-focused company, their innovative FLWRDWN puffers are something to behold. The bio-based down-fill material created using natural wildflowers and a biopolymer. Both materials are biodegradable and infused with aerogel for performance and durability. And both the exterior and interior-lining fabrics are made from recycled nylon.

I personally love that Pangaia offers a wast-tie design option. I prefer a coat with a nipped-in waist! These coats are still fashion-forward while also keeping you incredibly warm. *Manufactured in Portugal

Pangaia FLWRDWN Oversized Long Puffers

A longer version of Pangia FLWRDWN coat to keep your legs toasty. *Manufactured in Portugal

Everlane The ReNew Long Puffer

Everlane’s ReNew series uses recycled water bottles for the exterior and interior. And these coats are dyed with bluesign®-approved dyes, which are safer for dyehouse workers and better for the environment. *Manufactured in Vietnam.

Frank & Oak Hygge and Long Highland Puffers

Canadian fashion brand Frank & Oak is back for another year of recycled-fiber vegan performance winter coats. The Hygge and Long Highland puffers design are both suggested for -25° C to -10° C.
*Manufacturing details not disclosed.

3. Luxury-Level Vegan Winter Coats

Stella McCartney’s KOBA® Fur-Free Fur Coats

Ah, the queen of sustainable fashion makes an appearance yet again. While Stella has made some pioneering steps in sustainable skin-alternatives and fur-alternatives, I just wish she’d focus her talent on designing wool-alternatives next! *Made ethically and responsibly in Italy.

4. (Mildy Warm) Vegan Wool Coats

Vegan wool-like coats are a rare find. While not the warmest nor the most sustainable on this list, they are very chic. Since I know many of you are on the hunt for vegan-wool coats, I did want to include these.

Matt & Nat’s Faux-Wool Coats

Making an appearance again, from my Vegan Girl’s Guide to Sustainable Coats 2019 edition, here are the Matt & Nat faux-wool coats. These coats do feature linings made from recycled plastic water bottles. *Manufacturing details not disclosed.

NOIZE Vegan Wool Coats

Despite NOIZE using some “eco”-type language on the product pages, there really is nothing sustainable about these coats. So please keep that in mind before making a purchase. They are very stylish though and could be a worthwhile wardrobe investment for those seeking a sleek and sophisticated (office-appropriate?) winter coat. *Manufacturing details not disclosed.

5. Expedition and Sport Vegan Winter Coats

Wuxly’s new Sabertooth Expedition Parka

If you live up north, and I mean way up north, this is the coat for you. Ethics aside, this parka is arguably one of the warmest coats on the market. If you’re looking for extreme warmth, you’ve found it. *Made ethically and responsibly in Canada.

Northface’s Thermoball Snow Jacket

Let’s roundout this vegan winter coat roundup with a quick nod to Northface’s somewhat eco-friendly Thermocall jacket. This is a more light-weight, but still quite warm, winter jacket that’s perfect for skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports activities. It’s interior uses a recycled plastic bottle material. *Manufacturing details not disclosed.

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