How to Style a Cozy Sweater (And still look Chic)

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How to Style a Cozy Sweater (And still look Chic)

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My Go-To Outfit for Fall 2017

A fluffy vegan sweater and faux-leather are the perfect pairing for a stroll through The Junction.

So, you rocked your skinny jeans and skirts all summer and I’m guessing you can’t wait to transition into your moody layers for fall. Most people love this time of the year. Especially in Toronto. The air is crisp and there’s a calmness that settles on the city. But fall is notoriously difficult to dress for! On most days, it’s too warm for a coat but too cool for a cardigan. So what’s a chic lazy-girl to do? Enter the cozy sweater.

Honestly, what garment screams “It’s fall!” more than a chunky knit sweaters? Just thinking of them paints pictures of red, gold and orange leaves in my mind. And, oddly, everything starts smelling like pumpkin spice lattes… But I digress. Sweaters are a staple of fall and they come in a variety of shapes, colours and fits to suit a variety of looks.

But what about those days when you prefer to envoke more “badass” vibes than “school teacher”? Grab your sunglasses and some faux-leather pants. This lesson’s super easy.

Serve with plenty of attitude: I’m not much of a wallflower, but I’m 100% positive that slipping on some badass accessories will make anyone feel confident. Turn up the rock factor with faux-leather pants, chain details, and messy hair.

Walk this way: Colour and proportion are key! Match the colour of your boots to your pants. And if your sweater is bulky, pair it with fitted pants and shoes that tapper to a point. Both of these tricks keep the outfit balanced and your legs looking long. Especially if you’re on the shorter side, like me.

The Junction in Toronto’s West End

It was a beautiful fall day in The Junction. And I couldn’t resist popping into some of my favourite shops! Delicious vegan cookies baked fresh at Bunner’s Bakery are a must when strolling on Dundas West. The Junction is home to some of best vegan eats in the city. A big bonus if you live in the area is The Sweet Potato, which is the best organic grocery store west of the Big Carrot. In addition to a bunch of vegan munchies, they also sell natural beauty lines like Andalou Naturals, Desert Essence, and Sukin.

Style notes: Sweater and faux-leather pants – Mendicino, sunglasses – Tom Ford, chain bag – Stella McCartney, necklace – Free People.

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