Rothy’s Sustainable Shoe Review + Discount Code & NEW Stella McCartney Bag!

From Waterbottles, to Chic, Flexible Flats.

When I originally purchased my Rothy’s, I searched all over for a discount code. As you may already know, the recycled-material shoe company doesn’t ‘do‘ sales. However, they do occasionally offer discount promos, such as for teachers. Additionally, each Rothy’s purchase comes with a discount coupon that can be shared and used by others. I’m sharing mine today, plus letting you know all about the fit, quality, and comfort level.

Rothy’s Discount Code to Save on Your Next Purchase

So, here is my Rothy’s Discount code: Click to automatically apply a $20 discount off you Rothy’s purchase! Voila, clicking that link should present you will a $20 discount code automatically applied. Just note: this is for new Rothy’s customers only. (Though I suppose if you have registered already, you could use a second email address and get the discount code applied.)

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to my full Rothy’s shoe review.

Why Rothy’s?

If you are new to The Purist Life, my focus is on ethical luxury, sustainable clothing, vegan beauty, capsule wardrobes, and conscious living in general. Rothy’s piqued my interest about 2 years ago. I believe there was an article mentioning Megan Markle wore them, so I did a bit of digging since I knew she was a fan of sustainable and ethical brands. Low and behold, I discovered that Rothy’s signature fabric is made from recycled water bottles!

Thoughtful Design

Because I have lots of experience with recycled water bottle fabrics, I knew how durable these shoes would be. You can literally throw them into the washing machine using a gentle cycle and they will come out fresh as the first day! Because of this, I opted for Rothy’s pale pink pointed toe flat. Normally, I might shy away from a light colour in footwear. But these babies repel dirt, are easy to wash clean, and are also pretty stretchy.

Additionally, Rothy’s shoes come with removable, washable inserts, which I think is key for flats since many women may prefer to go barefoot in them. (I personally wear toe socks with mine, but I still appreciate the feature nonetheless.)

How ‘The Point’ Shoe Fits

Here is the one caveat of The Point shoe design: they are narrow. Normally, I am a size 7.5 (US) in shoes. I ordered my Point shoes a half-size up. The size 8 fits me great! A size 7 or 7.5 would have definitely been uncomfortable on my chubby little feet. For reference, I have slightly wide feet with a somewhat high arch and my foot length is a little on the short side. In fact, if my feet weren’t so darn wide, I would length-wise be a size 7. But the spread of my foot means I almost always have to order a 7.5, unless the shoe is lace-up. (Like my VEJA‘s, which I wear in a size 7.)

If you have narrow feet, your traditional shoe size may be fine. For everyone else, I’d recommend you go a half size up. If in doubt, read through the comments (you can filter by size), or contact Rothy’s directly.

Are Rothy’s Shoes Comfortable?

I accidentally made a testament to both the comfort and durability of my Rothy’s pointed-toe flats by wearing them during an impromptu hike through the woods during our 1-year anniversary trip. I had zero reservations about getting them a little dirty since they are essentially plastic. And the stretch means I almost felt like I was barefoot. They are seriously amazing!

The woven fabric design offers a surprising amount of give. When I first pulled my Rothy’s out of the box, my stomach sank because they looked so narrow. But the fabric easily spreads and accommodated my slightly-wide feet. You can see the shape of my toes through the fabric, as it essentially ‘molds’ to your foot once you slip it on.

Again, because of my body’s tendency for being thicker on the lower half, my ankles are wide. Normally, I get blisters at the back of my heels when breaking in new shoes. This did not happen with my Rothys! (Note that I started off with several 10 minute strolls, not a 3-hour shopping spree to break them in.) If you are concerned about this though, just stick some bandaids on the back of your heels before slipping them on.

Would I Recommend Rothy’s?

Pfft, yeah I would.


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