Positive Fall Vibes

Curing Autumn ‘Blah‘s With Cute Vegan Fashion and Special, Seasonal Moments

I didn’t always like Fall. Sure, I am head-over-heels for the layers and moody colour palettes that come into vogue around September. But with Fall comes chilly breezes, late sunrises, early sunsets, and a general feeling of wanting to hibernate.

Seasonal depression hits me hard. It’s like a ton of bricks gets dropped on my shoulders around early November. I already have my artificial sun lamps ready since I won’t be seeing the sun until 7:30 or 8 most mornings. Spotting the first organge leaf of the season fills me with just a tiny bit of dread, as I know what’s coming.

AKA: Canadian winter. 😰😰😰

However, focusing on the things I love about Autumn and trying to build cocoons of coziness whenever possible helps my mental state a lot! When I surround myself with things that bring me joy, I can’t help but feel warm inside.

Here are the things I absolutely adore about Fall:

Layering an open trench coat over a boxy top with luxurious finishes.

A statement print or lux-feeling fabrics keeps this classic outfit interesting while letting the trench coat do the talking. Substitute a Heather grey sweatshirt for a more subdued look. This combo looks great on anyone and everyone!

Rubbing (chilly) noses with my love.

We started dating in October. So now I associate crisp Autumn air with my feelings for him. Every time I feel his cold nose against mine, I feel butterflies all over again!

Long walks through High Park.

This month, the trees stayed green later than usual. Spotting the various shades of yellow, orange, and red the deeper we go into High Park is a very zen experience. Many different species of plants can be found here, and they all transition into the colder months in their own unique colours.

The bustle of city animals getting ready for winter.

I know, I know. I’m such a hippie animal-lover! The squirrels are probably my favourite. They bounce around—digging here and darting there—looking for the perfect acorn stash spot.

Trench Coat by Michael Kors
Scarf is vintage
Floral top by REISS
Vegan Handbag by Matt + Nat
Aubrey vegan loafers by GUNAS

Cool, crisp mornings.

I know not everyone will agree with me on this one, but there is something energizing about slipping out of the sheets and being met with the sharp sting of Autumn air. It makes me feel optimistic and productive.

Statement shoes that steal the show.

While everyone else is in black and brown boots, I reach for my structured white loafers and bedazzled slip-ons. I’m not sure if it’s reverse psychology, but when the skies are grey I go for things in my wardrobe that make me happy. And I don’t just stop at shoes. You know I love statement bags too!

Big bowls of soup while wearing sweatpants.

Ok, this is something I love year-round. But it feels especially appropriate in the Fall! Taking a break from stilettos and easing into some comfy clothing and a warm bowl of soup feels like the ultimate luxury after a long day.

What do you love about Fall?


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