New Vegan Brand Alert: TheOne08 Partners with Kenyan Community

Vegan handbag line TheOne08 creates empowering work opportunities for the Maasai community of Kenya.

With a focus on wildlife conservation and socially responsible practices, each bag purchased makes a world of difference.

I was first introduced to TheOne08 in the early spring when their Creative Director reached out. (We’re both based in Toronto!) Right off the bat, their brand mission and ethos resonated with me. They are more than just a vegan handbag line: social responsibility is woven throughout their process and they have clearly challenged themselves to redefine what modern day luxury means.

How Can a Handbag Make a Difference?

TheOne08’s founder and creative team have traveled the world to source the right communities, inspiration, and organizations to work with. Their vision was to establish the first community-owned and operated manufacturing facility. TheOne08 team found the ideal partner in Il Ngwesi​—a truly unique conservancy—owned and run by the ancestral Maasai people who have inhabited the land for hundreds of years.

​”In the context of TheOne08, luxury is our ability to make everyday decisions that uplift the lives of those around us and make a better future for our one planet. That is the luxury and privilege that we have, and that our customers have. The ability to make choices that are impactful—that’s luxury.”

founder Amir Hoda

How to Reserve Your Own TheOne08 Bag.

TheOne08 is just about to launch, but they need support from fellow conscious shoppers like you! There are four bag designs available in multiple colours on their Kickstarter, starting today. I’m personally really drawn to several of their chic designs, including the limited edition East / West tote in Pineapple leather! (It’s the perfect city or work bag, with an ethical twist.)

They have found a creative way to incorporate recycled plastic waterbottles into their designs too. The interior lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and features their statement-making Empress Leopard print. Which I see as a clever illustrated nod to the communities and conservatory they are looking to preserve.

Each bag purchased provides economic opportunities to the Massi people and supports the Il Ngwesi wildlife conservations in their area.

Pop over to TheOne08 Kickstarter to reserve your beautiful, socially-conscious vegan handbag today! This is a great opportunity to get your own bag at a reduced price.

Behind the Scenes

To learn about TheOne08 and hear from the Kenyan community leaders who they’ve partnered with, check out their powerful video below:

“At TheOne08 our mission is simple, to be the world’s most transformational accessories brand, revered equally for the goods we produce and the good we do. We are deeply committed to our vision of bringing economic development to rural communities surrounding our conservancy partners and creating alternative viable living means without taking from the land. We care how our line will be made and refuse to compromise on our pledge to produce classically-designed, vegan leather products that provide a thriving-wage for our people. Welcome to TheOne08.”

TheOne08 Mission Statement

Visit TheOne08 Kickstarter to reserve yours at a discounted price and help make social change!


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