My 8 Favourite Cosy, Sustainable Work-from-Home Pieces

How to Look Chic While Working From Home with Eco-Conscious, Ethically Made Lounge Pieces.

You may know by now that I’m the Work-from-Home Queen. I’ve had my WFH routine, and wardrobe, on-point well before the pandemic set companies into a panic across the globe. Because of this, I’ve had plenty of time to test out some of the very best sustainable pieces that fit into a remote job.

While there are days where I dress to impress, there are also plenty of days where I can’t bear to put on a button-down or a formal dress. On those days I will faithfully turn to any of the following items from my capsule-based closet. I think the key to nailing a put-together-look from more casual pieces is to buy sets or have coordinated pieces to pair together. A polished hairstyle and/or minimal makeup can also help pull together this look for work.

PS: If you need a sizing reference for these brands, as well as a deeper dive into their individual sustainability efforts, you can watch this YouTube video where I try on most of these pieces.

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1. Bleusalt Turtleneck and Classic Joggers Set

Arguably the softest and most luxurious of the bunch, Bleusalt’s sustainable, Cashmere-alternative pieces are something you must try if you’d like to treat yourself. This innovative, Beechwood-fiber based material is fully vegan yet soft as, well, cashmere! I wear my Bleusalt turtleneck with a matching pair of their classic joggers for a put-together look.

2. Encircled Comfy Blouse

The Comfy Blouse is the piece that I’d recommend to those who still want to appear more elevated and professional on their Zoom calls. Of course, this is no button down–it’s far better. I’ve done yoga, gone on road trips, and taken naps in my Comfy Blouse. Yes, it’s truly that wonderful to wear. You want to reach for it multiple days in a row, I guarantee it.

3. Encircled’s NEW Bamboo Rib Dressy Sweatsuit Set

Encircled’s catalog of comfortable working-from-home pieces grew quite a bit lately… and I’m so pleased to see that! Clearly, I’m not the only fan of their wardrobe staples that blend style with comfort. I’m also a huge fan of ‘sets’ because they add a touch of “I put thought into this outfit” on days when you want to do the opposite.

4. Thief + Bandit Organic Stretch-Cotton Turtlenecks

If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube, you will instantly recognize this style of tops from Halifax-based Thief + Bandit. If you prefer more fitted tops, you must check out their selection of solid and printed turtlenecks. FWIW, they have a variety of very comfortable bottoms and dresses too.

5. Mate the Label Thermal Boxy Crop in Bone

These next few picks from MATE the Label are mix and match. So be sure to pick up a set for a slightly more polished, coordinated look. Another noteworthy aspect about MATE is that they use low-impact dyes.

This thermal is for all of you who live in cold climates, like I do.

6. Mate the Label Organic Terry Classic Joggers

Made to last joggers. No one on the video call will know you’re wearing them.

7. Mate the Label Organic Terry Shorts

Personally, I prefer shorts whenever I can wear them. If you’re like me, then you’ll love these shorts.

8. Mate the Label Organic Cotton Classic Tees

If you need a basic cotton tee, these are perfect and oh-so-comfortable.

Try-On Demo and Sizing Information

If you want to see a real-life try-on of my favourite working-from-home pieces, watch this YouTube video:


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