Taylor + Thomas luxury vegan boots

Luxurious, Ethically-made Vegan Boots by Taylor + Thomas

Your Hunt for Designer-Quality, Ethically-Made Vegan Boots is Over.

When it comes to cruelty-free accessories, the number one question people have for me is: Where can I buy vegan shoes? Or, more specifically: where the heck can I find designer-quality ethically-made vegan boots. (In this article, when I refer to “ethically-made,” I mean that the people who assembled the item work in appropriate conditions and were paid a fair wage.)

The luxury vegan footwear brand Taylor + Thomas is the right fit, if you’re seeking chic, edgy, ethical vegan footwear! Their timeless designs are constructed with expert care in Italy, and the designs originate in California. A quick scroll through their Insta will confirm their Cali-girl vibes. But unlike other ethical vegan footwear brands I’ve encountered, Taylor + Thomas shoes could be mistaken for any of the coveted fashion house’s creations. Think Prada, Gucci, or Manolo Blahnik.

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Taylor + Thomas Debbie Boots

There are a pair of delicate, black, pointed toe, ankle-high boots that have resided in my shoe closet for about 7 years now. Although they’ve seen better days, I can’t bear to part with them. They are, in my eyes, the perfect pair of boots: the low, walkable heel that comes to a feminine point, the flattering cut, and, of course, the eye-catching gold hardware that would turn heads as I walked down the street. These are, without a doubt, my dream boots. But… they are horribly scratched up and salt-stained from stomping through too many harsh Toronto winters. After years of fruitless browsing, I gave up on finding an ethical vegan alternative to my beloved booties.

Needless to say, when I stumbled upon the Debbie boot by Taylor + Thomas, I let out an audible gasp. The Debbie is everything I love in a boot, design-wise. But they are also ethically made in Italy and 100% vegan! And that bold gold wax emblem on the zipper pull had my swooning.

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Vegan boots by Taylor + Thomas

About Taylor + Thomas

A little background on the design duo. They launched in 2018 with a curated collection of classic styles that easily integrate into any woman’s wardrobe. Taylor and Thomas are a PETA-approved, sustainable-focused footwear line. Once you unbox these beauties, the attention to detail and craftsmanship is apparent. The fabric is sturdy, yet supple. The seams are neat and the cut hugs the foot in a way only high-quality shoes can.

This designer footwear brand participates in 1% For The Planet and partners with Native Energy to offset their carbon footprint. But they don’t stop there. Sustainable materials are at the core of the Taylor + Thomas designs. Shoe linings made from plant by-products, recycled plastic water bottles, insoles made partly using castor bean-based bio-oil, FSC-certified beechwood, and recycled rubber soles. You can learn more about Taylor and Thomas’ design ethics and sustainability practices here.

Co-founders Jessica Taylor Ward and Elizabeth Thomas James have cut their teeth at some of the most well-known companies in fashion and music. They clearly tap in to and are inspired by their years of industry experience. With names like the Debbie, the Jane, and the Patti, their designs are more than just a nod to famous women in Rock & Roll. They’re an embodiment! Incorporating retro elements from the 60s and 70s and giving them a modern spin seems to be their signature. Plus, the glossy, tactile emblem featured on many of their shoes is like a piece of jewelry. Magnifique!

Where to Buy Taylor + Thomas’ Ethically-Made Vegan Boots

Head over to Alltrueist for one-stop luxury vegan shopping and browse their collection of Taylor + Thomas boots and high heels. Because Alltrueist offers free U.S. and Canadian shipping on orders over $75, and free E.U. shipping on orders over €300, I prefer them over other eShops that carry the brand.

One last thing to love about Taylor + Thomas. They exclusively use upcycled, recycled, or recyclable materials in their packaging.


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