Cruelty Free Swap: My Luxury Work Bag

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Cruelty Free Swap: My Luxury Work Bag

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The Sunday Tote II by Angela Roi

You may have noticed that I have a thing for luxury handbags. It’s funny though, as the vegan luxury handbag options are limited, I’ve found that going cruelty-free has reigned in my spending! But I have nothing but praise for the Angela Roi brand. Every piece they produce is swoon-worthy!

There was something about the Sunday Tote that just stuck with me. The beautiful but practical shape, accented with gold hardware, plus plenty of room for everything from my iPad to and extra pair of shoes. It’s everything I wanted in a work bag!

Luckily, it is also the perfect cruelty-free swap for my Kate Spade bag. Now my Kate Spade has served me well. It is also beautiful. And I get loads of compliments on it. But to me, I was ashamed that I put my money towards a first-hand leather product. Sure, I own a few second-hand leather items. Continuing a product’s life cycle is important to me. However, if I’m buying something firsthand, I would always like to put my money towards ethical or sustainable companies. And Kate Spade is definitely neither.

Where can I find a cruelty-free luxury bag for work?

Truth be told, I had been eyeing the Sunday Tote II from Angela Roi for months. It was the perfect, chic bag to toss items into and head to the office. Unfortunately, they do not ship to where I live, so tracking down the model and colour was a bit of an adventure. But I could not be more pleased! It was well worth the wait and the price.

From their designs to their campaigns, Angela Roi embraces class and style. The bag is made from sturdy materials with thoughtful detailing. Even after 4 months of non-stop use, it still looks like new. I also admire that Angela Roi donates to various charities. I’m so happy to find such an elegant and high-quality vegan handbag line!

For a full comparison of my luxury leather bag and its cruelty free counterpart, please watch my video here. I’ll also take you super in-depth on the Sunday Tote II’s details, the material and more! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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