Chic & Cozy & Working From Home (ft. Sustainable Pieces I Love)

Just Another Neutral Outfit that I Love…

Don’t you love it when things just come together out of the blue? Especially in your closet?

Today I’m sharing a peek at the sustainable, neutral outfit combo I’ve been wearing non-stop! Many of you know that I work from home (I’m a designer and programmer by day). So I like to be comfortable, while still maintaining a sense of being put together.

The SeaCell Sustainable Vegan Sweater by Frank & Oak

If you also work from home or spend most of your time at home, you know that it can be tempting to think “Oh, well no one is really going to see me in person, so why bother with a nice outfit?” And I 100% get that. I mean, the option of wearing sweatpants is one of the virtues of working from home, right?

Personally I like to appear halfway professional, even if I have no intention of leaving the house. Video conferencing is a daily occurrence with my team, colleagues, and clients. So I certainly don’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed. Looking presentable, at least from the waist up, is a must for me. But you know… comfort is important too.

Enter: the chic oversized sweater. I must have mentioned this sweater by Frank & Oak a billion times already. But it’s worth saying again: a high-quality beige sweater is timeless and elevates even the most casual of pants.

I pair this SeaCell sweater (its fibers are made from seaweed!) with delicate gold jewelry to add a touch of luxury. The texture of this sweater is to die for. It’s thick, giving the impression of quality. And it keeps me warm but not over-heating like I would if this was made from wool. (Yes, it’s 100% vegan!)

For more ideas on sustainable vegan sweaters, check out this article where I round up my favourites.

Lounge Worthy Organic Cotton Pants

Let’s revisit the sweatpant and athleisure wear dilemma. I won’t lie to you. There have been times that I’ve worn a button-down top with athletic shorts, and then relished in the fact that none of my colleagues on the video call knew what I was getting away with. Yes, I still slip on athleisure pieces on days when I’m feeling burnt out. But, let’s be honest: We can do better than sweatpants or leggings when creating a chic working-from-home uniform, without sacrificing mobility.

My secret weapon to a put-together-but-ridiculously-comfortable ensemble is loose-cut pants in natural fabrics. Like these organic cotton pants by Outerknown or any of the stretch-crepe pants from Eileen Fisher’s The System collection. (FYI: Eileen Fisher makes both Petite and Plus sizes 😉 I typically shop in the petite section, since I’m 5’2.)

In the past, I really only thought about wearing my Sol Beach Pants to well… the beach! Or anywhere warm and humid. But after realizing how perfectly they pair with my beloved Oatmeal-coloured sweater, these easy-breezy pants have been on heavy rotation.

It’s true; I never imagined I could pair baggy pants with a baggy top. But this combo works. And here’s where I believe the magic happens:

  1. Pair heavy fabrics with lightweight fabrics.
    The structure and density of this sweater are balanced out by the unfussy casualness of natural-looking organic cotton.
  2. Keep it monochrome.
    This gives the visual appearance of unity.
  3. Pick pieces that allow you to show off your silhouette.
    The reason this oversized sweater works on my short frame is that it’s a cropped cut. Meaning, you can still see my waist and hips. I also rolled the pants hems up since, again I’m kinda short. Showing a bit of ankle ensures that I don’t look like I’m drowning in fabric.

Until next time!
XO Natalie


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