Why This Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry Brand is On My Radar

Chic Made Consciously: A Jewelry Brand Driven by Ethics.

Minimalist, timeless pieces that transcend trends are my go-to for everyday accessories. Because I am a capsule wardrobe enthusiast, as well as being an ethical luxury blogger, jewelry can be a surprisingly difficult thing to shop for!

I’m always on the hunt for pieces that blend into my existing style while also bringing more to the table than ‘simply looking good.’ I want pieces that do good too! In general, I’m on the look-out for jewelry that is: made locally or fair trade, incorporates elements of recycling or upcycling, and champions responsible sourcing (when applicable).

An Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry Collection Worth Bookmarking

I’ve found my holy grail for ethically-made, sustainable jewelry. Chic Made Consciously is rooted in environmental integrity and humanitarian efforts. And CMC’s covetable, chic designs are sure to appeal to most people’s style. Cassandra Ciarallo leads this Toronto-based collective that asks #whomadeyouraccessories ? Similar to the #whomademyclothes movement, we should consider the people and processes behind our jewelry too.

Cassandra reached out to me and I was thrilled with her mission! She was kind also enough to provide me with the minimalist, easy-to-style Julia necklace. This is a beautiful piece on its own. But it’s also perfect for layering. Since it’s still winter here in Toronto, I’ve been wearing it over turtlenecks for a touch of easy glamour. You can wear the Julia necklace in two ways: with the gap at the back or the front.

Beauty Beneath the Surface: War Remnants Get a Second Life

Chic Made Consciously is about more than just pretty aesthetics. And while CMC has heaps of that too, it’s the backstory to these pieces that is truly remarkable. And that’s because these jewelry pieces were formerly brass bullet casing and unexploded landmines. These war remnants are then reimagined and carefully crafted into chic jewelry pieces. Chic Made Consciously partners with Craftworks Cambodia to connect with those in need. Each handmade piece helps to support artisans in small communities. You can learn more about the artists behind the jewelry on her website.

From Cast-Offs to Chic Accessories

Beyond the repurposed-brass collection, Chic Made Consciously also stocks other upcycled accessories made from tires and deadstock materials. Here are just a few of the pieces that I love from this ethical and sustainable jewelry collective.

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