Sustainable Autumn Packing List: 1 Week in San Diego (While Pregnant!)

Traveling While Pregnant: What to Bring to a 1 Week Oceanfront Stay

I guess you could call this our “babymoon” though it really was a business trip for my husband. We decided to stay in a very isolated area, away from the busy downtown and right on the water. Specifically, on an island peninsula. Coronado Island overlooks the Pacific Ocean on one west and is cushioned by a massive marina on the east.

While we’ve taken several weekend trips during my pregnancy, this would be the first time I was flying! (And staying away from home for more than 2 days.) Ever the minimalist, I tried to keep my packing list light. But even so, I think you need to pack a little bit more and plan ahead thoroughly if you will be travelling while pregnant.

Pregnancy Travel and Flying Must-Haves:

Don’t skip these! Aim for your health, comfort, and sanity being your top priorities. Plan to keep these items close by in your carry-on.

  • Any medications. Specifically, an anti-nausea medication. There’s a good chance it will hit you during a flight or long drive. If you’re already prone to motion sickness, this definitely applies to you. You may also want to try anti-nausea bands. They can help during turbulane both in the air on and the road.
  • Compression socks or stockings. These are a preventative MUST while pregnant. Wear these during any flight or long journey. Not only do they keep swelling at bay, they also aid your circulation and can prevent varicose veins and other pregnancy-related lower-leg issues.
    There are various types of compression socks and stockings available. I actually wear these every time I fly, even when I’m not pregnant! My preference is 15-20 mmHg thigh-high style compression stockings. These are easy to style with a dress or skirt, don’t have to be pulled down when using the toilet, and tend to be way more breathable than thick athletic, knee-high compression socks.
  • Snacks. I never packed snacks for flights, because I avoid public washrooms like the plague. But not having some satisfying snacks to feed your tummy while traveling can lead to more intense nausea or lightheadedness. Pack more than you think you need, in case of delays.
  • Refillable bottle. I always bring one anyway, but you’ll need to stay more hydrated than usual in this scenario. If you’re able to fill up just before boarding, do it. Water quality onboard planes is iffy at best. If you need to refill while in the air, then ask the flight attendant for bottled water.
  • Dress in layers. This is a good formula to follow: Your bottom layer should be a tank top or something sleeveless, then a non-bulky middle layer, and an over-sized sweater, cardigan or shawl to top things off. Remove or add layers as needed during your journey.
  • A nice smelling lotion. This is for those who are still struggling with scent sensitivities. You have no control over the various scents that you’ll encounter when strapped into your seat. Dab a small amount of a scented lotion that you enjoy (ie: one that won’t make you nauseous!) under your nose to mask unpleasant smells.

Here’s What I’m Packing for our stay at The Loews, San Dieogo:

While the coast of California can be quite warm, even in September, the temperatures drop with the sun. Plan for a mix of summer and fall items that can easily layer. On Coronado Island can get quite breezy too! The Pacific ocean brings large crashing waves and plenty of wind along with them. I found that I was frequently wearing joggers in the morning, a sundress during the day, and warm cardigans at night.

As always, the vast majority of items are made of sustainable materials and/or are manufactured ethically. Each item will have either location of ethical manufacturing or type of sustainable material information beside it, based on which category the item falls into. All items are vegan unless otherwise noted.

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Links to each sustainable or ethically manufactured item can be found after the graphic. 🙂

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