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Not Cruelty Free

  • Is Diptyque Cruelty Free and Vegan?
    Is Diptyque Cruelty Free and Vegan?

    Is the Luxury Line of Home and Beauty Products by Diptyque Cruelty-Free… or Vegan? Diptyque is legendary amongst members of the “in-crowd.” For those seeking natural fragrance collections that are both luxurious and oozing in heritage, this brand is ideal. The famous scents they produce are intoxicating and, for the most part, fairly natural. Diptyque…

  • Carmine – The Bugs in Your Blush
    Carmine – The Bugs in Your Blush

    Is Carmine Vegan? What Is It Exactly? If you are not familiar with the ingredient “Carmine” already, prepare to be a little grossed out. Known for it’s bright red (though sometimes pink or purple) pigmentation, Carmine is a colour additive found in MANY cosmetics and food items. Note: It is not dangerous to ingest Carmine…

  • Is Origins Cruelty Free?
    Is Origins Cruelty Free?

    Sadly, Origins is not cruelty free. What a bummer! The Origin’s face masks are basically a cult beauty classic. I’ve been a fan of the face masks myself for a long time. Call me a hippie, but I was initially drawn to the brand’s products by the logo (a silhouetted tree) and promise of plant-to-formula skin…