Veerah Luxury Vegan High Heel Unboxing + Review

Veerah Luxury Vegan High Heel Unboxing + Review

Veerah is an ethically and sustainably made luxury shoe company focusing on timeless designs.

A few more facts about Veerah:

  • They are a 100% Vegan company
  • Their shoes feature key pressure-point relief padding at the ball of the foot, under the arch, the base of heel and back of heel.
  • They use sustainable materials in their shoes and their packaging.
  • Veerah heels fit true to size (at least the size & model that I purchased.)

I purchased the Frida in Pearl Nude, size 7.5/EU 38 The Veerah Frida heels fit true-to-size for me. I would compare them to the fit of heels at ZARA.

I collect cute vegan shoes and these heels are a treasured addition to my closet. If you’d like to see more vegan shoes that I love, check out these posts on Vegan Shoes or specifically Luxury Vegan Shoes.


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