The Best Vegan Brunch Spots in Toronto

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The Best Vegan Brunch Spots in Toronto

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Seven Ultimate Places for Vegan Brunch in the Six.

I’m big on brunch. Especially vegan brunch. If brunch were a competing category in the Olympics, I would be representing Toronto on the world stage. I love everything about it: bringing friends together to catch up, sipping a mimosa at 10 a.m. with zero regrets, or watching all the interesting characters coming and going. If I find a brunch spot with decent vegan eats, I always leave with a full belly and a fearlessness to take on whatever the day throws at me.

However, there is one big caveat to the whole “brunching” thing: not all restaurants offer vegan brunch options. More often than not, I’m stuck with coffee, potatoes, plain pancakes, or a salad. Blaahhhhh, so boring!

The cherry-on-top is when everyone’s eyes drift from their heaping plates of eggs, bacon, and sausage over to my measly arrangement of a single fruit cup and potato wedges. On several occasions, male brunchers have sneered and said something charming like: “Woooow… glad I’m not vegan.” Great, thanks for reinforcing vegan stereotypes, brunch-places-of-Toronto. 🤦‍♀️ You could at least include some avocado toast! What is this, the 1950’s?

Joking aside, things have improved dramatically. One by one, dedicated vegan brunch restaurants began opening in Toronto. First, it was just vegan bakeries. Then “niche” vegan spots within hipster destinations started popping up. Now there are dedicated all-vegan restaurants and you can’t even hold a candle to them. They’re hot and they’re much more than a “niche trend.” These vegan brunch spots are in head-to-head competition with their meaty counterparts. They come complete with 5-star reviews, waitlists, and lines-up out the door. Take that nay-sayers!

These brunch spots are in no particular order, they are all awesome!
Psst: I’ve put together a map for your brunching convenience.


The Chicest Cafe for Vegan Brunch

Sorelle and Co.

You may know Sorelle and Co as a fixture of the Sakes Food Hall near Queen and Yonge. Their standalone restaurant in Yorkville is by far one the most Instagram-worthy. Their new boutique cafe boasts the signature confections and lavish decor we’ve come to associate with the brand. The ambiance is undeniably elegant, light and Parisian-feeling. Think Marie Antoinette… but vegan.👑

Serving only the most delicious gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, soy-free and preservative-free fares, nothing is off limits. (At least, dietary-restriction wise.) From the glazed fruit dotting donuts and cupcakes to the fluffy whipped cream on top of cakes, every dessert is perfection. Beyond sweets, they also serve smoothie bowls, sandwiches, avo toast, pizza, various hot plates, salads, and soups.

Sorelle is a high-end restaurant, so their prices are a little higher. I recommend at least trying one of their donuts and a soy latte! You can grab them to-go from the white marble counter if you prefer not to sit down and eat.

Details from Google Maps
161 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1C4
+1 416-234-1340
⭐ 4.1


The Best Vegan Brunch to Cure a Hangover


Home of the infamous Vegan BigMac! There are no salads here. If you are looking for a healthy vegan brunch, this is not an ideal destination. But if you are hangry or craving a damn-tasty vegan meal, get yourself over to Doomies. There are too many great things on the menu, but if I had to make a recommendation: the vegan chicken & waffles is crazy good and the vegan BigMac blew my mind. (PS: it’s not on the menu, you’ll have to ask your server about it.)

Take your meat-eating friends, they will be shocked. Then take them to the vegan comics wall and leave them to ponder their existence.

Doomie’s is a go-to Toronto destination for many vegans, so expect the restaurant to be poppin’. Pro tip: If there’s a long wait, Mythology diner is right next door. More on that later.

Details from Google Maps
1263 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L5
⭐ 4.4


A Vegan Hot-Spot to Impress Your Posh Friends


Nestled at the apex of Toronto’s big spender and big earners sits Yorkville. Planta is right there in the midst of it, and they do not disappoint their posh neighbours. From the plate presentation to the swoon-worthy decor, to the mouth-watering food, Planta is on-point. Try their pizzas or vegan crab-cakes (made from hearts of palm) if you’re hungry. They offer plenty of healthy, lighter options too.

Planta’s menu rotates with the seasons, so don’t be surprised if things change form time to time. The chefs do an outstanding job of pairing season veggies with unexpected flavors. On Valentine’s Day, they offered a fix course meal with some of best smokey-almond cheese I’ve ever had. Also, try their scrumptious cocktail selection. They have some of the best in the area, in my humble opinion.

Details from Google Maps
1221 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5R 3P5
+1 647-348-7000
⭐ 4.2


Convert Treat Your Vegan-Food-Hating Friends to this High-End Diner


Another Doug McCormish masterpiece! Mythology is the latest creation by this well-known vegan chef. The tongue-in-cheek approach to this restaurant is lighthearted, but the dishes are serious. All things considered, Mythology offers the most soul-satisfying vegan brunch in Toronto. And it’s right next to Doomies!

Some of the dishes here are meant to mimic their “real meat” counterparts, but they also serve fluffy pancakes, vegan croissants, and other diner-style items. Personally, I’m not a big fan of faux meat that’s too realistic. (It’s a little too freaky for me!) But some people really get a kick out of that sort of thing, so I feel it’s worth mentioning. If you need to feed a flesh-craving veggie, or you simply want to prove a vegan-hating friend wrong, take them to Mythology. Then watch in silent satisfaction as they exclaim “holy s#%t, this isn’t meat?!” I don’t know exactly what sorcery it is that Doug congers to make these exquisite creations, but his dishes are something to be experienced.

Pro tip: if Mythology is too busy, try Doomies just a few doors down! There is also any all-vegan-everything shop across the street called The Vegan Imperative that’s definitely worth checking out.

Details from Google Maps
1265 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L5
+1 416-694-3348
⭐ 4.2


The Westender’s Destination for Vegan Brunch


We are lucky enough to live in the west end of Toronto, so Grasshopper is not a far drive for us! Grasshopper does have a second location mid-town, but we prefer the menu at their Dundas West restaurant. This vegan spot is great for herbivores and omnivores alike. We just took my parents there this weekend, and they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Gasshopper serves up vegan comfort food, but in a healthier, more nutrient-dense way. I’ve tried nearly everything on the menu and have never been disappointed. I find myself ordering the Haru Salad, Rice Poppers, and Chick’un Wrap frequently. Their vegan desserts are totally to-die-for! And they also have local, organic beer. So… if you’re waiting for a sign to visit, here it is!

Details from Google Maps
3080 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z8
+1 416-604-3474
⭐ 4.7


A Laid-Back Vegan Brunch Spot that Feels Like Home


Conveniently located near the Ossington subway station, Bloomer’s is my favourite low-key brunch dive when I’m hungry and feeling lazy-ish. There’s a wonderful, family-feel to this restaurant that anything but pretentious.

The proportions here are super-sized and priced well. In addition to belly-busting sandwiches, wraps, baked mac & cheese, Bunners does a vegan Ceasar salad like no one’s business. On my way out, I usually grab a rose donut or mini cake loaf. Descending into a deep food coma is pretty standard for me after visiting. This place gets busy fast, so don’t be surprised if there is a lineup.

Details from Google Maps
873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1M4
+1 416-551-0532
⭐ 4.5


Toronto’s Staple for Vegan Brunch


When in doubt, go to Fresh. They boast a massive menu of filling, tasty vegan food. From light salads and smoothies to power bowls, burgers and tacos, they will have your cravings covered. Plus, they have some of the most reasonable prices for vegan meals that I’ve seen in the city.

And with multiple locations around the GTA, you simply cannot go wrong with Fresh.

Details from Google Maps
894 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3
+1 416-599-4442
⭐ 4.3

Map of Vegan Brunch Spots in Toronto

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It’s a Good Start, but Let’s Make it Better!

Have I missed any of your favourite vegan brunch spots in Toronto? Let me know in the comments section below so I can add them!

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