Where to Find Fair Trade Home Decor & Furniture in Canada & the USA

There are Many Places to Shop for Fair Trade Home Decor & Furniture

Thankfully, there is an ever-growing demand for fair trade home decor and furniture shops within Canada and the USA. Shoppers (just like you!) want to furnish, decorate, and cozy-up their homes with luxury pieces that are fair trade, ethical, handmade, or sustainably sourced.

Browse some of my favourite places to shop for furniture, ceramics, pillows, baskets, plant pots, blankets, mirrors, and more below:

Shop for Fair Trade Home Decor & Furniture

Chic & Basta – Canadian-Made Artisan Pieces

Ohh la la! This Quebec-based shop carries Canadian-made ceramics, blankets, pillows, bedding, baskets, plant pots, carafes, plates, bowls, and many more beautiful creations to make your home cozy yet sophisticated. Because of Chic & Basta’s wide variety of artisanal fair trade home decor, there will be something to cater to most styles.

Shop for Fair Trade Home Decor & Furniture

Made Trade – Fair Trade Home Decor and Furniture

Talk about a one-stop-shop! Made Trade seems to be making a name for itself, and it’s no surprise why. This eShop carries ethical intimate pieces, handmade candles, and more swoon-worthy furniture than you can shake a stick at. Think bohemian wicker chairs, solid wood tables and desks, eclectic rocking chairs, and minimalist bar stools. They also stock a vast array of copper barware, recycled material coasters, woven hampers, candleholders, and gauzy curtains.
*Please note that those shipping to Canada will most likely need to pay additional duties or fees.


I literally gasped when I came across CASA CHIC for the first time. Prepare to step into a rattan and wicker dream world. And yes, CASA CHIC carries more boho furniture than you can shake a stick at. But they also have a swoon-worthy collection of French, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern pieces. The vast majority of their pieces are hand-made and fair trade. Casa Chic stocks beautiful, hand-carved solid wood headboards, rattan and teak cabinets, curvy statement chairs, plus a wide range of wall art and small home goods.

If you live in Ontario, they have a showroom in Mississauga where you can browse IRL.

Shop for Fair Trade Home Decor & Furniture

EQ3 – Canadian-Made Furniture

This is your destination for made-in-Canada large, modern furniture pieces. For example, their streamlined couches, hand-carved wood credenzas, and minimalist bookcases give CB2 a run for their money. Please note that not every item on the EQ3 website is made-in-Canada, but each product page will tell you where it was manufactured.

EQ3 has showrooms in Toronto to see their collection in person.

Shop for Fair Trade Home Decor & Furniture

Ocelot Market – Fair Trade Home Decor

Another one-stop-shop for all things pretty and fair trade. Ocelot Market is probably most known for its artisan-made shoes. But they also carry a wide range of small home goods, like woven baskets, carved wooden games and bowls, picture frames, rugs, towels, and wall decor.

Ten Thousand Villages – Fair Trade Home Decor

Ah, this is one of the oldest and well-known fair trade home decor stores. Unfortunately in 2020, Ten Thousand Villages closed their Canadian shops. But you can still shop online or in-store in the USA.

Second-Hand or Vintage Shops

Don’t forget that secondhand and vintage are fabulous and cost-effective options for shopping ethically! Plus, you are saving perfectly usable pieces from landfills. These will vary by where you live, but here in Toronto I have some preferred places to browse:

  1. The Leslieville Flea Market – unique mirrors, brass pieces, luggage trunks, plus handcrafted goods.
  2. Arts Market in The Junction – antique art, pottery, table lamps.
  3. Goodwill Stores – small tables, glass decanters, larger mirrors.
  4. Kensington Market – there are multiple shops in Kensington Market that sell antique furniture and home decor.
  5. Pamono.ca – authentic vintage furniture from various periods: art deco, mid-century, Arts & Crafts movement, pre-1920’s antiques, etc. They also stock new Scandanavian styles too.

Shop for Fair Trade Home Decor & Furniture

The Citizenry – Fair Trade Home Decor and Furniture

If you’re decor-style is modern minimalist, then you need to check out The Citizenry. They stock everything from pillows, bedding, and rugs to chairs, bedside tables, and mirrors. Because their collection of artisan-crafted fair trade home decor pieces are clean-lined with soothing colour palettes, you’ll feel instantly a little more ‘zen’ after browsing. And they even have a really neat feature that allows you to browse by country or origin: Turkey, India, Mexico, Japan, or Portugal.

West Elm’s Fair Trade Collection

I purchased my bedside tables from the Fair Trade West Elm collection. You’ve probably seen these beauties a billion times on my Instagram or on YouTube. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t group the Fair Trade or Sustainably Sourced items together so you’ll need to keep an eye out for those labels when you’re browsing. Alternatively, you can type “fair trade” into their search bar and browse results that way.

West Elm has multiple brick and mortar stores, you can find the one nearest you on their website.

Urban Barn’s Custom-Made Collection

Another shop that offers some made-in-Canada options is Urban Barn. Please note that the vast majority of the items that they carry are imported, but any of their custom couches, sectionals, and beds are made in Canada.

Urban Barn has multiple store locations, check their website to see if there is one near you.

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Other Places to shop for Fair Trade Home Decor and Furniture?

Where do you shop for fair trade home decor or Furniture in Canada or the US? Please leave your suggestions below in the comments section.

And if you’re interested in reading more about ethical luxury, be sure to browse my articles on sustainable fashion, beauty, and wellness living.


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