He’s The One (I’m Engaged!)

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He’s The One (I’m Engaged!)

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Announcing Our Engagement!

On February 14th, 2019 Dusan and I became engaged. And now that it has settled in, nothing could feel more perfect.

I’m elated to share the news with you and keep you updated as we work through what our wedding will look like. We both agreed that we want to be as responsible as possible throughout the process. So from my engagement ring to my dress, I want to pick the very best sustainable, ethical (and vegan!) options available.

His Proposal.

I was driving home after a long day at the office, exhausted and slightly irritated at the overwhelming amount of traffic in the city. Because it was Valentine’s Day, I had offered to pick up some romantic “veggie burgers for two” since I wouldn’t have the energy to cook. But there was a feeling inside me that I just couldn’t shake. Unexplainable butterflies in my stomach were making me anxious. I could feel that something big was about to happen…

Opening the front door of our new home, I was a little disappointed to not see anything out of the ordinary. But then I heard quick footsteps and scuffling upstairs, followed by Dusan awkwardly calling out: “Hey uh… can you come upstairs? Look what the cat did….” He sounded way too happy about a cat mess—It had to be a ruse! My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I was light headed after a few steps.

Around the corner, at the top of the stairs, was a sea of red rose petals, glowing candles, a bouquet of 50 red roses, and, of course, him.

I cried and cried. It seemed like I felt every emotion from joy to fear to pride all at once. Words couldn’t even form at the moment, I just nodded and squeaked out: “Yes!” Forever, yes. Always. “You’re my one.

Rose Coloured.

The ring is stunning. It’s beyond my wildest dreams! Our engagement ring was custom designed and handmade in Montreal using ethical Pink Morganite and Diamonds. The rose gold band is made from recycled gold, giving new life to unwanted precious metals. You can learn all about my consultation and design process working with Ecksand in this YouTube video.

You and Me.

As someone who has felt very alone in the world for a long, long time, I never thought that someone would ever do something so incrediubly special for me. I know I’m not the sort to get all gushy, but with Dusan, the world feels so different.

After I called my parents, who were in Florida and a little alarmed that I was in tears, we celebrated with A&W veggie burger, fries, and Moet champagne. And that felt very “us.”

Designing my custom ethical engagement ring with Erica from Ecksand.

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