I’m Currently Obsessed With | #01

A New Series From The Purist All About Real Obsessions.

I’ve never been one for those “favourite-of-the-month” posts and videos. I don’t like to talk about a product or idea until I’m sure about it. It’s the same reason I don’t make too many “haul” videos on my YouTube channel. How can you know if you really like something if you haven’t tested it over & over? 🤔

Perhaps out of my own overly-practical nature, I’m cautious to put out “monthly favourite” content. I feel, and this is just my personal opinion, that committing to a scheduled round-up of favourites can lead to lumping together content for the sake of meeting goals, rather than delivering rock-solid advice. Am I wrong?

So in the spirit of practicality, and also because I want to create honest content, I like to publish only when I have something worth saying.

Therefore, I won’t be following a pre-defined schedule for the “I’m Currently Obsessed” series. When I have something to share with you, I’ll be sure to let you know. But only when I’ve discovered something that I really and truly love.

Without further ado, let’s get into my first round up of obsessions. This list includes beauty products, shoes & wine. Very me, I know. 💁‍♀️

Blue Wine

When the friendly woman at the wine shop smiled at me and asked: “Would you like to try some blue wine?” The first thought in my head was:

Just take my damn money.”

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Sure, the unique pretty colour could be interpreted as marketing bait. But this wine is so delicious!! You can see that I’ve stocked up on the Naked Grape Blue Wine for fear of running out. In Toronto, this is available at Wine Rack shops.

As someone who’s not hugely into drinking anymore (I’m almost 30 people), it’s nice to have a low-alcohol percentage beverage that’s also kind’a fun and sexy.

Lavanila Elements Deodorant

When Sephora Canada stopped carrying the full range of Lavanila, I died a little inside. My obsession with vanilla is a real thing. I adore vanilla! Both the natural and sugary variations. However, I definitely recognize that it’s not everyone’s jam.

The new Elements collection smells really nice but is a departure from their signature sugary vanilla scent. And it works REALLY well to keep odours at bay.

Coola Sunless Tan Serum

If you watch my Instagram stories, this next obsession will be of no surprise to you. I apply the Coola Sunless Tan anti-aging face serum daily. It’s a staple of my skincare routine and I never skip it.

PS: the Coola tinted SPF is also great! I’ve been reaching for it constantly. Both of these Coola products are glowy summer skin in a bottle. And they don’t make me breakout either.

African Black Soap

What’s with the buzz around African black soap? First of all, for a beauty must-have, it’s super affordable. Second, it cleans so well and is fantastic for acne-prone skin! (It’s too abrasive for the face, but everywhere else is fine.)

I picked mine up from a local fair trade shop. This bar was hand-made by artisans and proceeds help support their village.

Cup O’Coffee Scrub

I’m on my third batch of this amazing scrub. I was first introduced to Cup O’Coffee by Tashina from Logical Harmony (she’s the best!)

Although this is a face mask, I also like to use it anywhere I have rough or dry skin. It’s also ah-mazing on your back and bum—trust me on this.

Delicate Slingbacks & Mules

You know you’re obsessed when you have at least 5 of an item, right?

The latest additions to my shoe collection are the perfect fusion of style + practicality. I now have 2 pairs of slingback high heels (plus a backup pair in a box!) and a beautiful new pair of indigo Stella McCartney minimalist mules. All of them with a low heel, so that I can walk comfortably allllll day. Last week, I couldn’t resist the call of a stunning pair of pointed-toe mule flats in metallic copper. (Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see these and all my latest purchases.)

Of course, all these beauties are vegan and made using ZERO animal skins or parts. There’s absolutely no need to kill living creatures to make stunning shoes 😉

Surprisingly, all of these shoes make my legs look long and lean. Which is a hard find for a short, curvy girl like me. Because they are super flatting and comfortable, I find myself slipping them on nearly every day for the past few months.

Jackie Shawn’s Love Smudge

As someone who has never felt the need to smudge her home, this last obsession has taken me completely by surprise.

I met Jackie at the 2018 Holistic Beauty Expo in Toronto. She is a holistic beauty makeup artist. But she also creates artisanal treasures. This lovely smelling smudge is a blend of rose petals, lavender buds, and sage. It takes me back to my teenage years when I would burn incense alone in my room and drift away lost in my own thoughts. It’s peaceful and grounding.


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