The Purist’s Lux Gift Guide for Green Beauty Lovers

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The Purist’s Lux Gift Guide for Green Beauty Lovers

Vegan, Green Beauty Gift Ideas for All!

Ah, it’s the winter holiday season again! And one of the things I look forward to the most is spoiling people with special gifts.

I especially love giving green beauty products, because I see them as a form of self-care. Masks, serums, and massage stones are little luxuries that I know many of the women I buy for wouldn’t go out and purchase for themselves. For men, I stick to practical products. If I’m buying for my boyfriend, I sometimes get treats we can use together.

And the best part about giving green beauty gifts? After they unwrap it, you can schedule a pamper session for some quality time together. That’s what the holidays are all about, right?

Below is my carefully curated list of 15 perfect gifts for the green beauty lover in your life. I’ve included a mix of both skincare, haircare, and makeup at different price points. And yes, these are actual gifts that I either bought for others or received myself! I have tested each and every one of these items and can guarantee their swoon-worthiness.

Plus, towards the bottom, you’ll find boyfriend-approved gifts that are perfect for the men in your life.

All of the brands listed are cruelty-free and do not perform animal testing, or sell to countries where animal testing is required. And all of the items listed are vegan. This post contains affiliate links to the companies I love and support; read more about my policy here.

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Green Beauty Gifts for Skincare Addicts, Makeup Divas, and People Who Love to Indulge.

  1. Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil for healthy-looking, lustrous hair. I also apply this to my nails & cuticles. It’s a great medium-lightweight oil that you only need a drop or two of to fight frizz and add shine.
  2. Le Labo Perfuming Lotion for Body and Hands. I adore the scent Lys, but Neroli and Santal are other popular options.
  3. Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask for replenishing skin cell hydration. The formula is soooo soothing and is a beautiful light blue colour. No wonder green beauty collectors love this cult-classic!
  4. Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha facial massage stone. I’ll admit I bought two of these; one for my mum and one for myself! I plan on showing her what skincare to use with this and the correct facial massage techniques to sculpt her face.
  5. Axiology Lipstick in the shade Bonafide. This is a glossy red-pink-orange hybrid that is sure to flatter everyone! You’ve probably seen me wearing this a few times by now.
  6. KYPRIS Ritual Gift Sets. These beautiful sets are sure to please even the most experienced green beauty collector. Two of the sets come with complimentary full-sized serums!
  7. Luna Oil Organics Anti-Aging Serum is pretty and potent. I’m always happy to support small-batch beauty companies, but Luna Oil Organics is exceptional. I have 2 serums from the line. The Anti-Aging Serum has tiny peach blossom flowers suspended in the nourishing oil. It’s an eye-catching addition to any vanity.
  8. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream for dry skin and dark circles. I’m on my second tube. To see it in action, watch my YouTube review.
  9. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Rose Gold Palette for cheeks and eyes. This palette is so lovely! Not only is it completely safe for your skin, but it performs just as well as conventional makeup.
  10. Ilia Essential Brow thickening brow gel. I use this on “no makeup” days to cheat and make my brows look fuller. ‘Cause even on lazy days, I can’t leave the house without brow gel & lip balm.
  11. Odacite Deep Hydration Masque for restoring hydration and elasticity. This is one of my favourites for treating dry skin and making my skin look plump. You’ve seen me apply this a million times on my Instagram stories.
  12. Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner to detangle and gloss-ify locks. It’s a dream on all types of hair! I bought this specifically for my sister, who has lots, and lots of long curls.
  13. Odacite serums for specific skin concerns: Acai & Rose Youthful Glow to soften and brighten, Papaya & Geranium Hyperpigmentation for dark spot correction,  Baobab & Sarsaparilla eye contour serum provides deep hydration to delicate skin, and Black Cumin & Cajeput Pimple serum to prevent and treat acne. There are much more Odacite serums to explore but I really like these four! Because of the small bottle size, these are a great gift for those who travel a lot too.
  14. Clove & Hallow Lip Velvet in Uptown is the perfect holiday lip colour. It’s a pinky-burgundy colour with a non-toxic formula that stays put for hours. I know my sister will love this plush liquid lipstick!
  15. May Lindstrom The Masque Treatment Bowl, handcrafted by local artisans, is perfect for whipping up The Problem Solver, or any other powder mask formulas. Pair it with the Facial Treatment Brush if you really want to impress them. (I know that I was when I received them together!)

Green Beauty Gifts for the Men on Your List:

You’ll want to use these yourself too, I guarantee it!

Hilarious side note: When consulting with Dusan about what his favourite grooming products are, he opened the medicine cabinet and sheepishly said “Well, I really like the Tom’s toothpaste. And this deodorant*.”

I’ll always admire his practicality and enthusiasm for hygiene.

*Kiss My Face Liquid Rock deodorant has been discontinued. We are still trying to find an effective replacement. Would love any suggestions guys!

I’ve verified he also really likes the following:

  1. This Le Labo Grooming Box provides the full set of bespoke Le Labo men’s products inside a vintage wooden box. This is a gorgeous gift for anyone you want to spoil.
  2. LUSH Cup O’ Coffee body mask and scrub. We both love Cup O’ Coffee! When you want to be romantic, or apologize to bae, offer a back scrub with this stuff to smooth things over. It’s wonderful at removing those pesky bumps on the sides of his arms too.
  3. Cabin Spray Winter Mountain room refresher. Small-batch made and local. Keep it in the bathroom and bring it along on couple’s trips where you’ll have to share accomodations. Trust me on that!
  4. Le Labo Aftershave is one of Dusan’s ride-or-dies. He uses it almost every day. And I looove how he smells afterwards. If this scent were a cologne, I’d buy it for him in a heartbeat.
  5. Malechemy Organic Shave Lotion in Fir Balsam & Clove. Malechemy, by Cocoon Apothecary, is a small-batch, Canadian green beauty company that produces high-quality, clean products. Dusan has tried the whole line, and this is one of his favourites.
  6. Malechemy Organic Aftershave in Bay Rum is another great option to soothe skin after shaving.
  7. Malechemy Organic Pomage in Bay Rum is a medium-hold hair styling cream. It smells wonderful, and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals like conventional pomades and gels.
  8. LUSH Sleepy Lotion is perfect for workaholics who have trouble relaxing after a long day. When he’s anxious, I massage this dreamy lotion across his chest, shoulders, and arms to calm his mind. It really works!