Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist and Pink Clay Mask Review

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Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist and Pink Clay Mask Review

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Getting Summer Ready with Herbivore Botanicals

In the previous post, I complained about the rash of bumps and pimples spreading across my jawline like teenage wildfire. While the appearance of new blemishes has definitely slowed down, there was still work to do. My face desperately needed something capable of heavy-duty-acne-fighting. But I also wanted to avoid totally stripping my skin, as when it gets too dehydrated I just end up with more acne. Brutal.
Also, the summer sun has been begging me to come outside. Enough hiding already! So I placed an order for Herbivore Botanicals. The two items I decided to try were: The Pink Clay exfoliating floral mask (because of the acne) and the Sea Mist coconut salt spray (because I’m a sucker for anything coconut-vanilla.)

Herbivore Botanicals: Sea Mist Coconut Salt Spray and Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask.

Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Mask

This mask is the bomb! My skin responds in the best possible way to the combination of French Pink Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Organic Rosehip Powder, Organic Rose Powder, and Organic Chamomile Powder. (That’s the full ingredient list by the way. Yes, really.) This powder-to-paste formula addressed exactly what I was hoping it would: shrinks active pimples, soothes redness, and fades acne scars.

To boost things up a notch, I also add a clarifying serum to the mask mixture. Right now, I’ve been gravitating towards the decadent L’élixir de Clarté by Okoko Cosmetiques which contains gentle plant-based AHA, sugar maple, licorice root extract and other skin brightening agents.

The Pink Clay mask has a faint rosy aroma mixed with a natural clay scent. After adding a few drops of serum, I carefully drip water into the mixture and blend until a paste consistency is reached. (If you do add too much water, just add a little more powder!) Unlike many power-to-paste mask formulas I’ve tried, this one does not flake off all over the place as it dries. It stays put. Your face will start to feel tight as the mask hardens, and that it usually when I wash it off (about 15 mins later.)

After washing the mask off, my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry at all. My skin is left supple and clear with reduced redness and less inflammation. Sweet!

Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Coconut Salt Spray

Typically, I make my own DIY salt sprays at home. So when I do purchase a ready-made salt spray, it’s because there’s something about it that I find alluring. In this case, it’s the yummy vanilla coconut scent! (And, I admit, I think the packaging is cute.)

To give a little background information, my hair is more fine than thick. But I have a lot of it! Naturally, it is slightly wavy but doesn’t hold a curl well at all.

I’ve used the Sea Mist in several ways over the course of a few weeks. It does help lightly shape natural waves in my hair. If I want more defined and dramatic waves, I spray it through towel-dried hair. Then I twist all of my hair up and a bun towards the top of my head. Securing with hairpins, a coiled hair tie or old school scrunchie will keep it secure and ensure your waves look natural. (I find elastic hair ties leave a defining line in my hair when it dries.)

When used on clean hair, it can also add subtle volume to the crown. To add volume: On clean, towel or air dried hair, mist the salt spray into your roots and brush through. For maximum volume use a blow drier and flip your hair upside down. You can also let your hair air dry and occasionally scrunch your hair upward around your crown as it gradually dries. On days I want mermaid hair, I’ll do a combination of the bun method and then let my hair down whey it’s mostly dry and begin scrunching the top of my hair up.

For even more lift, I combine the Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist with a hair powder. The combination of Sea Mist + Dry Shampoo is a natural (magical?) substitute for hairspray. I actually don’t use conventional hairspray. Ever. Dust the hair powder in dry hair at the roots and tousle the hair at your crown to build some lift. I’m currently using Healthy Locks by One Love Organics but you can also pick up some from LUSH or Cake Beauty.

As a bonus, it can help keep grease and any unclean-hair smells at bay. On second and third-day hair, I mist this product throughout my locks to keep it feeling and smelling fresh. I sometimes get compliments from people on how nice my hair smells. Love it!

The Final Verdict

The Pink Clay Mask is a double thumbs up for me. I think I’m hooked! Anyone with light to moderate acne or acne scars should give this a try. I was pleasantly surprised by this humble little jar and will repurchase in the future.

Psst: To target stubborn acne spots or deep pimples, check out my article on Fighting Acne with Cruelty-Free Products. My saviour for large pimples is the Indie Lee Blemish Lotion.

Because it can be used in so many ways, Sea Mist has become a staple of my haircare routine. For those with medium to fine hair, the Sea Mist Salt Spray does add tousled texture and light lift. If you have thick hair or are blessed with an abundance of hair, this salt spray may not offer enough hold or texture for your mane. I like that it minimizes greasy roots and smells delicious.
[Update: I’m on my second bottle of Sea Mist. When I ran out I missed it so much that I ordered more. With use, I began to prefer how it makes my second-day and third-day hair look and smell. I don’t leave the house without a few sprays, evewn if my hair is in a messy bun.)

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