Review of My Top 5 Sunscreens and Tinted SPF’s

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Review of My Top 5 Sunscreens and Tinted SPF’s

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An Honest Overview of Josh Rosebrook and COOLA Suncare Products.

The journey that ultimately led me to discover the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient Day Cream was long. We all know that protecting your face from UVB and UVA rays is uber important. But let me share something with you: I hated sunscreen for most of my life. Because, like clockwork, I would develop large, painful, under-the-skin pimples the day after applying sunscreen. This problem persisted for years.

Instead of sunscreen, I used to rely almost solely on hats to shield my face from the sun’s rays. That is until I found an ingredient-conscious sunblock by COOLA. Their standard facial sunblock was a game gamer for me. And, as a bonus, it made my oily skin matte, in a very attractive way. Almost like I was wearing foundation!

I’ve since explored quite a few various vegan sunscreens and tinted SPF creams, including the ones by Josh Rosebrook. Now I’m officially converted! Below I’m sharing my absolute favourite suncare picks. Each is stellar in different scenarios, whether you need a straight-up no-fuss sunblock or you are looking for a tinted SPF coverage with a specific finish.

All of the brands mentioned in this article are cruelty-free. And all the products are vegan! I’ve tested each of these on my acne-prone, sensitive, oily skin and none of the them caused me any breakouts.

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# 1: My Holy-Grail SPF: The Josh Rosebrook Tinted SPF

Josh Rosebrook’s Tinted Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 is hands-down my absolute favourite clean beauty sunscreen! The fact that it has a fairly-universal peachy-beige tint to it is an added bonus. I first used the Tinted Nutrient Day Cream on a trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba. And if you follow me on YouTube, you would have heard me rave about this product during my “Cuba Makeup Routine” video. I love, love, love this face sunscreen!

I’ve always loved the pure mix of botanical ingredients that Josh Rosebrook uses in his skincare. (His entire line is wonderful!) Inside the Tinted Nutrient Day Cream, you’ll find aloe, shea butter, hempseed, rosehip, bilberry, seabuckthorn, jojoba, borage, marshmallow root, and many more organic botanicals. A dose of 12% Zinc Oxide provides sun protection. Despite a hefty list of skin-nourishing oils, this formula absorbs fast and leaves my face instantly looking youthful and even-toned.

You can see in these photos, it looks like I’m wearing foundation. But it’s actually just the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient Day Cream with Hynt Beauty Duet cream concealer on areas where I needed more coverage. (Note: I always apply blush down the bridge of my nose and across my forehead. This technique is part of my regular makeup routine. It is not sunburn, although it may look like it in these photos. The redness on my shoulders is real sunburn though, haha.)

My one ask from the brand is to consider making a tinted option for those with deeper complexions! If you’ve tried the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient Day Cream and found the pigmentation was flatting, let me know in the comments section below.

#2: COOLA’s Clean, Calming, and Magically-Mattifying Sunblock

COOLA’s Cucumber Matte SPF 30 has got to be one of the best (if not the best) face SPFs for oily skin. It is the product that made me change my mind about sunscreen being incompatible with my acne-prone, oily skin. The shea butter and cucumber extract found in this sunscreen nourish the skin while calming any redness. It’s an all-around beautiful and well-priced SPF.

I absolutely adore this formula and how my skin looks with it on! This silky SPF somehow magically gives me porcelain doll skin. Similar to a primer, it dramatically minimizes the appearance of my large pores and acne marks. A friend even asked me what foundation I was wearing, when I had only applied the COOLA Cucumber Matte SPF!

One thing to note is that this product has a subtle milky-matte finish. For me, it is not a problem and makes my face look nearly flawless. But if you have a deeper complexion, this SPF may create an undesirable cast.

#3: the Lightweight SPF

The rave reviews for the original Jose Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 say enough. This is a delightful, barely-there feeling sunscreen that works perfectly under makeup. It also sinks into the skin fast.

It has the same botanical-focused ingredient list as the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient Day Cream. If you are hesitant to use as SPF that provides any sort of colour, this should be your choice.

#4: the Matte Tinted SPF BB Cream

An alternative to the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient Day Cream is the Matte Tinted SPF 30 BB Cream by COOLA. This tube will last you the whole summer, and beyond! So if you’re looking for a beautiful SPF BB Cream at a great price, you can’t beat this one by COOLA. The tint is universally flattering and provides light coverage with a creamy consistency.

It is also scentless if the slightly more popular Cucumber Matte sunblock by COOLA isn’t your jam.

#5: the Dewy Tinted SPF BB Cream

For all you dry-skin gals out there, this product is for you! Unlike the other suncare products mentioned in this article, COOLA’s Rose Essence Tinted SPF 20 BB Cream has a dewy-wet finish and a creamy consistency. During the drier months, I sometimes need to use a little sunscreen. Especially if I’ve been using AHA’s the night before! This is one of the tinted SPF BB Creams I reach for when I want something that feels more like a moisturizer.

Retonoils or AHA’s, like Lactic Acid, are great for treating acne-prone skin. But they can sensitize your skin even further to the sun! Also, sun exporsure can make red marks stick around longer, or get deeper in colour.
So, I’m sure to use a Tinted SPF on the following day. I like to mix two drops of the Odacite Pimple Serum into my sunscreen of choice to prevent further breakouts. Then I massage the mixture into my face. It gives me just enough coverage that I don’t feel the need to go over any red marks with concealer. Though of course, you can if you’d like!

What’s wonderful about this formula is that it provides quite a bit of colour deposit. So if you prefer wearing minimal makeup, but still want some medium coverage, this is a great choice. The formula pairs well with cream concealers, but layering foundation over top can be hit or miss.

Tip: If you find that this BB Cream too shiny, you can easily change the finish by applying a mattifying powder, like the RMS Tranlucent setting power.

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