4 Vegan Perfumes I’m Digging for Spring

1. Angie

Fresh/Floral/Green – natural & light
by rosie-jane

Reminds me of: Gardenia Rattan by Aerin but far lighter, more airy and green.

Angie, like the other perfumes from by rosie jane, is delicate, simple, and draws you closer. Honeysuckle, Fig, and Jasmine are the keynotes. The overall scent is natural, familiar, and unobtrusive. Like catching the scent of your neighbor’s garden on the wind after a mid-day rain. That’s Angie. This is everything you’d expect for an early Spring perfume: sweet white florals, damp greens, freshness, dewiness, innocence.

Dry down: delicate white florals, faint whiffs of fresh greens.

Duration: prominent for 1 – 2 hours. Is still detectable on clothes days later.

2. Victor

Fresh/Aromatic – intense & androgynous

Reminds me of: Vodka on the Rocks by Kilian but with greens and a dash of sweet powderiness; or Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier but more natural and less ‘soapy’.

Hébert is a brand new line of luxury vegan perfumes, and I can say this brand is one to follow. The first time I sprayed this, I literally cursed out loud “Holy *** that’s amazing.” Because, well, it is. The level of quality and luxury in each drop of this perfume makes itself known from the very first spritz. Victor is described as a masculine scent, and the top notes do smell distinctly like men’s cologne. But that gives way to a surprising burst of fresh lavender and eucalyptus, curiously followed by some beachy scents that I can’t quite place. Intriguing!

Dry down: lavender and herb garden, whiffs of ocean breeze.

Duration: 8 + hours

3. Wonderland Peonie

Floral/Fruity/Sweet – vibrant & juicy
floral street

Reminds me of: Blush Suede and Peonie by Jo Malone with more sweet juiciness; or La Vie Est Belle by Lancome but younger, fresher, and with more fruits.

This is the perfume that I’ve been reaching for when I’m in a really good mood. This scent is like a manifestation of feminine blooms and sweet sunshine. It’s spinning through a flower market in a big frothy taffeta skirt. It opens with a burst of juicy guava and raspberry, and a powerful, yet slightly fleeting, bouquet of peonies. I bought Wonderland Peonie because I was specifically craving a peony scent badly after running out of my Jo Malone sample from years ago. And this fits the bill beautifully! Though the floral street brand is of course vegan, while Jo Malone is not.

Dry down: warm sugary sweetness, powdery resins, hint of florals

Duration: prominent for 1 – 3 hours. Is still detectable on clothes days later.

4. Espresso Ylang-Ylang

Gourmand/Sweet – intense & moody
floral street

Reminds me of: Black Orchid by Tom Ford but with vanilla, coffee bean & chocolate.

This is an unexpected pick for Spring. In fact, I wouldn’t categorize it as a traditional Spring scent, it’s more of a Winter or even Autumn scent. And yet on the colder Spring mornings, I find myself reaching for this perfume. Perhaps I’m seeking comfort; a warm caramel-espresso hug. I only have a small sample size but I’m contemplating getting a full bottle.

Dry down: sweet and warm gourmand, whiffs of dark florals and coffee house.

Duration: 8 + hours


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