Getting Sweet on Sugarpill: Trinket and Glint Lipsticks


Getting Sweet on Sugarpill: Trinket and Glint Lipsticks

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Glamorous, Gilded Vegan Lipsticks for Eco Divas

Okay, this Sugarpill review has been a long long time coming and I can’t wait to share this with you! It was undeniably love at first sight when I first laid eyes on Trinket, the mauve-pink-gold liquid lipstick. This Sugarpill shade is quite the shape-shifter, and it’s difficult to pin down just how to describe it. But more on that later! You may know this about me, but I’m kinda obsessed with gold. I’m pretty much never seen without some hint of gold on me. So it should be no surprise that I also added Glint from their Pretty Poison collection to my cart before finally clicking the confirm purchase button.

There are two different formulas here, but they both bring a lot of bling. Trinket goes on wet, glossy and fully opaque after one swipe. Golden flecks dance within the creamy rose-pink shade, and they begin to really pop once the lipstick dries down. Glint, on the other hand, is more like a golden watercolour wash–its base is transparent and dewy with most of the colour deposit coming from the finely-milled gold glitter. This lipstick bullet is anything but traditional though! The case looks like over-sized sparkly candy pill and the product inside is true liquid gold.

Have a peek below for swatches, reviews and prices of two of the most glam vegan lipsticks on the market right now!

Sugarpill Liquid Lipstick – Trinket

There is something so alluring about Trinket. A cult favourite in the cruelty free beauty community–you have heard of it before, right?–And it’s also vegan! But the saturated colour and unique finish is what really impresses me. In the tube, this shade looks tame. Or at least tamer than you’d expect before you apply it! This liquid lipstick is housed in a quality-feeling tube with a petite applicator wand for precise application.

In terms of consistency and formula, Sugarpill liquid lipsticks are top notch. And Trinket is no exception. Trinket dries quicker than anticipated and slowly shifts colour as it does. As the pigment cools from warm-pink to mauve, it becomes matte and pigmented yet with a not-so-subtle dusting of golden glitter. It has a comfortable feeling on the lips – although I must admit that applying a hydrating balm or clear gloss first is a good idea. I suppose a lot of liquid lipsticks are that way, so you’ve probably come to expect that.

My personal preference for Trinket is to keep it wet and glossy looking. When it dries down the glitter effect can be a little too attention-grabbing for me, especially in bright sunlight. But a quick swipe of gloss beforehand makes it a fun and wearable shade that lasts for hours!

Pretty Poison Lipstick – Glint

This little tube packs some of the most fantastic “real gold” colour payoff I have ever tried in a lipstick – and you seriously need to take a peek at just how vibrant the other shades in this range are. Actually I was very tempted to purchase Cubby, which is a an other gorgeous shade. Let me just say this: Miami-flamingo-coral kissable colour. I will definitely have to grab that one next time I’m on the Sugarpill website! Just looking at the colour online makes me sad I don’t own it.

Instead I settled for Glint, and I’m so glad this little treasure has a spot on my vanity! With a single swipe, it deposits liquid sunshine where ever it touches. A second and third swipe will make your lips absolutely glisten like King Midas. Wowza. For myself, I like to use a healthy natural pink lip liner overtop of Glint to define the edge and make the colour more “wearable.” I simply press my lips together a few times and the liner blends for a stunning golden ombre effect, like in the photo below.

The Final Verdict

The Sugarpill lipsticks are overall killer products for a great price. I love that the high-quality formulas are not only cruelty free, but also vegan. The colour payoff is seriously fantastic and the packaging is adorable. (I’m a little annoyed that the graphics on the liquid lipstick tube are wearing off, but that doesn’t effect how the product preforms. I just wish it would stay adorable forever!)

The comfort level of these lipsticks is not quite “oh, it feels like there’s nothing on my lips” level. But when your lipstick is 50% glitter, that is to be expected.

I’d like to wrap up this review by saying that I’m looking forward to trying more from Sugarpill in the future. Every time I use one of these lipsticks, they bring a smile to my lips. And a whole ‘lotta bling.

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