Wear this in the Shower: Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask Review

An honest review of the Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask.

I have tried (and loved!) several green beauty products from Josh Rosebrook. The Advanced Hydration Mask is the latest item from this green skincare brand that I’m loving. For years I’d heard some buzz around the Josh Rosebrook masks, but had yet to try them out myself.

After a trip to The Detox Market, it finally came home with me. At this point, my face had become frustratingly dry and flaky. (Noticeably flaky!) Cream-based hydration masks and moisturizers weren’t cutting it for me. With an ingredient list that includes shea butter, mango seed butter, aloe, rose hips, and—my favourite—blue tansy, how could I resist?

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Josh Rosebrook’s Advanced Hydration Mask

The Advanced Hydration Mask is a hypnotic, pale ocean blue colour. Unlike most other hydration masks, the texture is more of a firm balm than a lotion. You really only need a peanut-sized amount of product to cover your entire face and neck. But if you are in desperate need of hydration, use double that amount.

TIP: For optimum spreading and massage, let the Advanced Hydration mask warm in your palms before applying. It works best on clean, dry skin.

To be completely honest, it took me a few months to figure out the absolute best way to use this mask. Yes, this balmy blue wonder works just fine as a standard mask! Sure, you can apply it to your face and wash it away after the recommended time.

Or you could not wash it off, because it’s surprisingly non-greasy and gradually absorbs in deep. During the winter, I would often apply the Advanced Hydration mask to the dry spots on my face and then go right into my makeup routine. I even featured this Josh Rosebrook Mask in a YouTube video as the base layer for a dewy makeup look.

But then, about 3 months ago, I had a lightbulb moment. 💡 And now I have a totally new level of respect for the Advanced Hydration Mask.

Tapping Into the Power of Your Shower

Going back to my issue of dry flaky skin, I was painfully aware that my preference for long, steamy showers was not my face’s friend. Hot steam strips moisture away from the surface of your skin. And I had gotten into the habit of applying cream-based moisture masks before long showers, which kind’a helped. But, as you can imagine, cream masks don’t hold up well in hot shower conditions.

Because of the firm texture of Josh Rosebrook’s Advanced Hydration Mask, it can hold up in warm temperatures without the formula being compromised. Normally, I wouldn’t keep any of my precious green beauty products in the bathroom for fear of the heat or humidity ruining them. But this balm is completely melt-resistant and the thick glass jar helps protect it further–huzzah!

The base of natural plant butters stays put, no matter how hot or humid your surroundings get. This makes the Advanced Hydration Mask perfect for use in the shower.

Now here is the brilliant part: the mask seems to perform even better when I wore it into the shower. Normally when I step out of a hot shower, it’s a rush to grab my towel and dart into the other room for a moisturizer to prevent my skin from drying out. Not so when I’ve applied the Advanced Hydration Mask!

My skin feels dewy, supple, and well protected now. In fact, it glows.

My Advanced Hydration Mask Ritual

I start by scooping out a dime-sized amount of product and warm it up in my hands. Then I sweep the balm onto my face, neck, and chest in upward motions. Because it has an oil-like consistency when warmed, it allows me to massage out fluid build-up in my face. The texture is perfect for facial lymphatic drainage!

Next, I pop in the shower and go about my typical bathing routine. Let the mask sit for the entire duration of your shower. At the very end, I splash a little water on my face and do a little more facial massage. Even after slapping water onto my face, the product doesn’t wash away.

After I step out of the shower, I press a towel against my face and neck to remove any thicker deposits of the mask. Don’t scrub! You want to leave a thin layer of product on your face for optimum hydration and glow.

I then go about the rest of my skincare routine: face mist, serum, and moisturizer. That’s it! No more tight skin and flakes around my chin. Please note that serums won’t be able to penetrate your skin as efficiently since the Advanced Hydration Mask creates a protective layer.

Here’s how I know the shower technique works: the flakes come back if I stop using a protective mask while I’m showering.

Get Your Own Advanced Hydration Mask

The Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask is available at several of my favourite green beauty online shops! Of course, you can also buy directly from the Josh Rosebrook website, but I’m a sucker for loyalty points. So, I tend to shop mainly at Petit Vour and The Detox Market. Keep an eye out for free shipping details and promos on both these green beauty websites.

Buy the Advanced Hydration Mask, in two sizes, on Petit Vour:
.75 oz or full-sized on the Petit Vour website.
PS: Shipping to USA & Canada is available, plus you collect PV points!

Buy the Advanced Hydration Mask, full size, at The Detox Market:
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