Why Navy Is My Powerhouse Colour for Fall and Winter.

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Why Navy Is My Powerhouse Colour for Fall and Winter.

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Navy is the New Black.

When it comes to classic clothing staples, it seems like black and white get all the credit. And don’t get me wrong, I looooove a chic black-on-black outfit. But there’s another neutral colour that really deserves get more credit than it gets. Navy is a dependable colour choice that really is a wardrobe chameleon. It can be dressed up or paired down, sweet or assertive.

And if you’re in the process of building a capsule wardrobe, be sure to include some navy pieces. You won’t regret investing in this highly versatile colour.

A Reliable Canvas.

When it comes to coordinating an outfit, navy is so easy to work with. Take denim for example. You already have a pair of dark wash denim in your closet, right? (If not, they’re a great staple to have.) Use those jeans as a starting point for your outfit, and build from there. Any dark blue outfit can be easily elevated by mixing in statement pieces or flashy accessories. For example, wearing red shoes with dark denim is so chicly Parisian. And paired with gold or silver accessories, navy can be truly timeless and elegant.

Yes, navy is can be very high-fashion when it wants to be. Harness its versatility when you want to look polished but practical.

Navy Means Business.

As many of you know, I do work in a somewhat corporate -ish environment. I bought many of my first boardroom appropriate clothes in black. Not a bad choice by any means! But black all day, every day, can get a little boring. Navy is a super easy, no-brainer swap for black staples in your wardrobe. But it can also be a powerful outfit choice when worn head-to-toe. 

It’s a Shade of Blue that’s Flattering on Everyone.

If your skin tone looks washed-out or flat against black, then navy blue should be your go-to for darker pieces. I didn’t realize that this applied to me until I was in my mid-twenties. Dark blue is way more flattering near my face than black is.

If you are on-the-fence about navy vs. black, try holding either next to your face. For me, black makes my face look paler and less “lively”—not horrible, but also not the look I’m going for most days. Sometimes when I’m wearing a dark top with a high neckline, I’ll wear a scarf or other accessory near my face so that I don’t look too lifeless.

Jacket by REISS
Top by JCrew
Vegan Bag by Stella McCartney
Faux-Suede Heels by ZARA

Navy matches with nearly everything in your closet!

Here’s another nod to why navy is a great replacement to black. Not only does it compliment any shade that you would normally pair with black; it also plays nice with softer shades like pale pink, chartreuse, and baby blue. In a lot of ways, navy blue can be more versatile than black!

Plus, navy works beautifully with black. I don’t care what anyone says on that matter! If you are hesitant to mix black and navy, try using different textures or finishes. In this outfit, I’ve kept my navy pieces soft and the black accessories structural and shiny. 

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