The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Sustainable Winter Coats

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The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Sustainable Winter Coats

The Best Vegan, Sustainable Winter Coats & Jackets from Around the World.

Make some tea, grab your snacks, because this is going to be a long article! That’s right because in 2018/2019 we have a pretty decent selection of sustainable, stylish, vegan winter coats (and jackets) to lust after.

Before we dive in, just a few things to note. Brand names appear in alphabetical order below. And while the majority of these brands are focused on sustainability, most are not 100% vegan.

I’ll try to include notes about the options available with each brand.

Armed Angels

Based in Germany, Armed Angels focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion for men and women. They have many vegan options and seem to be expanding their selection each year. I admire that they price their items at affordable prices.

Also, my Armed Angels order came in a biodegradable box made from grass! How cool is that?

Vegan, Sustainable Coats & Jackets from Armed Angels.

Sustainable vegan coat by VAUTE
Dress by Michael Kors
Vegan Bag by MeDusa
Faux-Leather & Lucite Heels by Cri De Coeur

Eileen Fisher

Easily the O.G. sustainability-focused brand on this list! Now, I’ve read people knocking the E.F. brand as being focused towards “older ladies,” but I think those claims are totally unfair. Eileen Fisher designs are timeless and heavily influenced by traditional Japanese designers. They are classy, bohemian, and at times edgy. (Check, check, check for my style closet.)

Eileen, the woman not the brand, is an ethical force to be reckoned with. She was creating sustainability reports and using organic fabrics long before those terms were in-vogue. Her brand’s values have always been towards a greener tomorrow; however, this is not an exclusively vegan brand.

Eileen Fisher also has a permanent Petites line, which is why I continue to buy to this brand. Your girl is only 5’2 and doesn’t have the patience for tailoring!

Vegan, Sustainable Coats & Jackets from Eileen Fisher.

Note: If you are on-the-fence between two sizes, I would recommend sizing down with this brand.


When I think of Everlane, I think of jCrew but way more sustainable. They are transparent with their factory production and use the finest sustainable fabrics. While there are some great vegan options here, the brand is not 100% vegan.

If you buy from Everlane during Black Friday, your sale will go towards creating a chemical-free farm for workers in Vietnam! Learn more about Everlane’s Black Friday Fund and why building a Freight Farm can improve the health of those it feeds.

Vegan, Sustainable Coats & Jackets from Everlane.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak are the new kids on the sustainable block. Previously a men’s fashion boutique, Toronto-based Frank and Oak have expanded into women’s wear. And they have decided to work towards sustainable fabrics and ethical production. As a Torontonian myself, this is super exciting news!

While Frank and Oak Women’s is ramping up their sustainability offers, not everything from the brand is vegan or sustainable. For their Fall/Winter 2018 collection, they introduced several coats made from recycled plastic water bottles. I tried them on and will vouch for them being super toasty.

Vegan, Sustainable Coats from Frank & Oak.


Oh hey stylish faux-fur coats! You are probably already well acquainted with Reformation. But if you’re not, let me introduce you to every sustainable fashionaista’s favourite brand.

I’m going to chalk this up to Reformation being based out of L.A., but they have a tiny selection of vegan winter coats. Having said that, the Ref coats this year are super cute. Reformation is not a vegan company, but they are dedicated to reducing waste, producing sustainable fabrics, using deadstock rolls, and breathing new life into recycled fibers.

Vegan, Sustainable Coats from Reformation.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney serves runway ready looks that are also ethical and sustainable. While it seems like the brand is moving towards being fully vegan, Stella McCartney continues to use wool and silk fabrics. (Meaning it’s a vegetarian brand.)

Stella pioneered both a “skin-free” leather and an “alter-suede” fabric that could pass as the real thing. I would love to see her creativity put to use for silk and wool alternatives.

Vegan, Sustainable Coats & Jackets from Stella McCartney.

Save the Duck

Save the Duck is a vegan brand that specializes in warm winter coats, without the cruelty. From what I can tell on their website, not all their designs make use of sustainable practices. But several do. They also seem to strive for fair factory production and transparency.

Styles from the “Recy” fabric line use 100% recycled polyester fibres. This fabric is lightweight but also water and wind resistant.

Vegan, Sustainable Coats & Jackets from Save The Duck.


Vaute is the epitome of sustainable vegan fashion. And their designs are very stylish. I am beyond disspointed to hear they are closing shop.

However, if you’re looking to buy one of their vegan coats, now is a good time to grab one on sale! It looks like all the popular designs have been snapped up already, but many men’s styles remain:

Shop Vaute on Major Sale.

Psst: My Cruelty-Free Swap featuring The Emily by VAUTE is live now!


Formerly known as Wully, this Canadian brand takes animal rights and winter wear very seriously. Wuxly utilizes ethical, low-environmental-impact fabrics and fair labour production. They proudly source their VeganTech Shells from a 100-year old company in Montreal and strive for continued improvement.

I have tried Wuxly coats myself and think they are an excellent ethical alternative to Canada Goose or Moose Knuckle coats. They are definitely Canadian-winter proof!

Take advantage of their Trade Up Program to recycle your old winter coat and save on a new one from Wuxly.

Vegan, Sustainable Winter Coats & Jackets from Wuxly

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