Your wardrobe is a reflection of you. Are you looking for high quality staples to build your own forever-wardrobe?


  • What I Look For in Quality, Ethical Leggings
    What I Look For in Quality, Ethical Leggings

    The Best Ethically Made Leggings Plus, What Makes for The Perfect Fit? Hint: 🍑 There was a point in my life where the thought of wearing leggings in public made me shudder. But that was before I discovered high-performance athleticwear. Now I wear leggings several times a week, even *gasp* when I’m not heading to…

  • Shelter From the Storm
    Shelter From the Storm

    What to do When Facing Anxiety, Depression or Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder? I was in a highway car crash on October 26, 2017. It was one of my greatest fears. I was pulled over on the left shoulder of the highway, hazard lights blinking and ears ringing. In my rearview mirror, the hood of a white…

  • 6 Tips to Always Look Expensive
    6 Tips to Always Look Expensive

    Building a wardrobe has to be one of my favourite pastimes. My only dilemma? I’m not a millionaire. I know this may sound a little taboo, but I’m not a huge fan of fast fashion. Many of the clothing items from these lines cut corners in production, and it shows in the final product. Awkward…