Green Beauty I’m Currently Obsessed With… | #02

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Green Beauty I’m Currently Obsessed With… | #02

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I’m Currently Obsessed With… Moonlight Catalyst, The Blue Cocoon, and Glow Baby

Transitional months like September, October, and November signal a change in how we should be treating our skin. The air gets drier, and colder, leeching moisture from unprotected skin. (Your face is especially vulnerable to dehydration!) You can’t go wrong with richer moisturizers, buttery balms, and chemical exfoliants in Autumn. And if you do need a physical exfoliator, ensure you follow-up with a nourishing skin treatment to restore moisture.

These three beauties are not new to my routine, and one is a repurchse. So you know I’m certified obsessed. I’ve had plenty of time to test, play and review each of these for 5 months to a year! None have irritated my super-sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Moonlight Catalyst

Having suffered from mild acne since I was a teenager, you can bet that I’ve tried most over-the-counter options. Both conventional ointments and alternative ones. Of course, the causes of acne vary greatly from person to person. I’m happy to say I have my hormonal acne (mostly) in check now. But when I’m stressed, or have unexpected pimples on my cheeks, chin or forehead, I reach for Moonlight Catalyst by KYPRIS.

Where this serum really shines is in its ability to 1) prevent bacteria from growing inside pores, 2) calm the appearance of active acne spots, and 3) reducing discoloration due to old acne marks. For skin like mine, this serum is a savior.

If you adored the Glow Philtre mask as much as I did, you will LOVE Moonlight Catalyst. It uses the same silver ear mushroom extract and Lactobacillus (fruit ferment extracts) to brighten and exfoliate, without stripping your skin’s moisture barrier. (How do they do it??)

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I also wanted to let you know of an EXCLUSIVE, hush-hush offer from KYPRIS that going on this week. KYPRIS never runs sales, and they very, very rarely offer a gift with purchase, so it’s pretty special when it happens. As a brand affiliate, I do get heads up on offers like this, which I will always pass along to you!

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Just follow this link to the KYPRIS website, add items to your cart, and type  ‘Trick” or “Treat”—VIOLA! Free KYPRIS goodies. PS: KYPRIS Discovery Kits are a fabulous way to sample this beauty line. And they also make luxe gifts for the Holidays, should have someone special you want to pamper. (Hint hint: boyfriend if you are ready this… 😉 )

My Ritual

Moonlight Catalyst is a nighttime-only serum. It is a herbal alternative to conventional retinoids, so don’t mix this with other harsh skin treatments. I find the serum is most effective when you let it dry completely before appling a followup moisturizer.

Tip: If you are dealing with a fresh batch of acne spots, apply a generous layer of this serum and skip the moisturizer. Let Moonlight Catalyst work its magic overnight and wake up with surprisingly calmer skin! Don’t do this often, as your skin does need hydration at night, especially if you are acne-prone. But occasionally letting the serum soak in alone can be transformative.

The Blue Cocoon

The Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom has always had a special place in my skincare collection. It’s a multifaceted powerhouse for tired skin and anxious minds.

Yes, you read that right! The Blue Cocoon contains natural plant butters and oils which are super nourishing. But the aromatherapy properties of Blue Tansy, Myrrh, Frankincense, Lavender, and Immortelle are also highly relaxing. These precious oils work wonders on stressed minds. Just inhale deeply and you’ll instantly feel relieved. Personally, the Blue Cocoon’s scent also makes me slightly drowsy. It is a cherished addition to my nighttime routine.

Why I’m Obsessed

The Blue Cocoon is an ideal, all-in-one skin indulgence for the fall and winter. In addition to bringing rich hydration to dry, chapped skin, this beauty balm also promotes scar healing and an even complexion. I’ve raved about the Blue Cocoon several times on my blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel.  For me, this blue balm is crucial to achieving a healthy, glowy complexion in the colder months here in Canada.

This is my second jar of The Blue Cocoon from May Lindstrom. (Along with a few other goodies from the brand. Head over to my Instagram to watch the full May Lindstrom Beauty unboxing!) Yes, it’s pricey and something I would consider a luxury skincare item. But my first jar lasted me nearly 2 years! 

My Ritual

The Blue Cocoon is especially soothing at bedtime. I try to use this time to ground myself and do light lymphatic facial massage, focusing on the center of my face which is where I hold the most tension. I breathe deeply and slowly to appreciate the calming effects of Blue Tansy, Myrrh, Lavender, Cacao, Vanilla, Immortelle, and Frankincense.

To avoid contamination, I use an applicator to scoop out a pea-sized amount of product. Using my ring finger, I dab the Blue Cocoon under both eyes, on my chin, and on my forehead. Then, I take my time massaging and sweeping the product away from the center of my face and toward my neck and hairline to promote lymph fluid movement.

Having some water on my skin helps the balm glide easily, like a warm, rich oil, across my skin. Keeping your face damp after cleansing is important when using beauty balms like this. Oil-based balms seal in moisture to the upper layers of the epidermis, so leave some H20 on your skin to enhance their hydration effect.

You can also douse your skin with rose water or The Jasmine Garden before applying the Blue Cocoon to amplify this luxurious ritual.

Glow Baby

Oh, to have baby-soft skin! With this walnut and flax scrub, it’s within reach. Pacifica has gone all-out with this physical skin exfoliator. It contains bentonite clay and borage oil to fight impurities, while hyaluronic acid, sunflower oil, vitamin E, and Jojoba oil plump the skin.

I first picked up Glow Baby when I was on vacation in Florida, as I was out of Cup ‘O Coffee by LUSH. It soon became my favourite face scrub! My skin needs a good physical exfoliation at least once a week. I love that this product is effective at buffing away uneven texture, but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling horribly tight after either.

And at $14.00 USD, you really can’t beat the price. This is my third tube of Glow Baby, and I expect I’ll pick up a forth when I’m done this one!

My Ritual

I use this in the shower on damp skin, working in gentle circles. I focus on my jawline, cheeks, hairline, upper arms, and shoulders, as that’s where I tend to get bumps. Exfoliating around my shoulders and back helps prevent acne and removes any product buildup, just like on my face. If I plan to hang out in the shower for a while, (not a good idea for my dry skin, I know!) then I always follow with a moisturizing mask to keep my face supple. Exfoliators leave your skin vulnerable to dehydration. So make sure you follow them immediately with something nourishing.

Tip: Grainy exfoliators, like Glow Baby, can also be used on your underarms to reduce odour. Yes, really! Buffing away the dead skin leaves less opportunity for bacteria to grow. Thus, less underarm odour.
🌈 *The more you know.* 🌈

Autumn Skin Care

I’ve written a lot about preventing and treating dry skin. But I’m always interested to hear your tips!

Do you have any favourite treatments for dehydrated, dry skin?

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