Cake Beauty – The Hair Raiser + Wave Maker Review

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Cake Beauty – The Hair Raiser + Wave Maker Review

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Creating Va-va-voom Hair in Minutes With Cake Beauty.

With A schedule as hectic as mine, spending even a half-hour on my hair is not realistic.

“Envy” would be an accurate word for how I feel when I see an other woman with perfect hair. Unfortunately, sleep, skincare, and espresso come well before hair in my list of priorities at 6 am. Over time, I convinced myself I would never be a good-hair-everyday sort of woman.

But all of that changed when I stumbled upon Cake Beauty. I feel like they truly get me and the fact that I don’t have time to blow and curl and spray and fluff every morning. (Who does?)

Having already tried The Locksmith and The Do’Gooder sprays, I was definitely interested in what effect The Wave Maker and The Hair Raiser might have on my lack-luster locks.

The Hair Raiser

If your hair is deflated and prone to oil, like mine, you may be want to check out this nifty hair powder. The Hair Raiser is a “mighty volumizing powder”—according to the bottle—with a twist up nozzle for accurate application. The texture of this powder is very fine and feels cool to the touch. When rubbed, it vanishes without a trace. Is this magic? Twist the pink nozzle upward until it clicks into place and you’re ready to go.

Using The Hair Raiser

There are two ways to apply The Hair Raiser. This first is to lift your hair in sections and pump directly into roots. (I keep the nozzle about 4″ away from my scalp to avoid things becoming too concentrated.) Use your fingers or a brush to work through. The second method is to pump the power into your palms and work through the top parts of your hair. For both methods, use your fingertips to massage and lift your roots upward to build volume.

You can really achieve editorial-worthy volume when using the nozzle directly on your hair. Because I like to keep things tame for my day-to-day look, I will often just pump the product into my hand and work through. This is enough to absorb excess oils and add subtle volume. Unlike several other volumizing powders I’ve tried, The Hair Raiser plays nice with other products, like salt sprays and serums.

I love this powder for second and third-day hair. It adds the perfect amount of grit to my hair for full-looking ponytails. And if I’m doing a half-up-do, this stuff works miracles when building a mini-pompadour. I only use this on freshly blow-dried and styled hair when I want to play up the sexy factor. And the results are dangerous!

The Wave Maker

The Wave Maker does pretty much what the name says: it gives you beachy waves! This texturing spray is made from sugar instead of salt. Which probably explains why the scent is crazy good! It smells like a lemon cookie. I wouldn’t say the sugary scent is overpowering or that it lingers all day. Though I kind’a wish it did…

At first glance, I was hesitant that the sugar in this would leave a sticky residue. However, I have had zero issues with any stickiness. My waves are always soft, brushable, and natural feeling. This can be used on wet or dry hair. I typically use it on towel-dried hair. This spray is a lifesaver when I only have time to put my hair in a bun and let it air dry. I like the effect it gives so much that I even use this method on days when I actually do have time to blow dry if I wanted.

Using the Wave Maker

To make mermaid waves: Wrap your clean, wet hair up in a towel and run around your house like a mad woman slapping on face serum and tripping over your cat while trying to get organized for the day. Then, shake out and brush your nearly-dry locks. Mist The Wave Maker throughout the entire length of your hair. Flip your head upside down and mist on the underside of your hair. Give a quick brush through to distribute. Run your fingers through your roots to separate and lift the top of your hair from your scalp—this will help prevent your hair from looking too flat after it dries!

Next, gather all of your hair up, like you would for a high ponytail, and twist the entire length of your hair. Wrap your coiled hair around to form a loose bun. Pin to secure in place, or use a coiled hair tie. Avoid tying your bun with a traditional elastic hair tie as it will create an awkward crimp in your waves.

Let your bun be for about twenty minutes, or longer if you have thicker hair. Then release your locks. Voila! You should see perfect, beachy waves emerging. Shake your hair out, scrunch your roots with your fingers, and twist your hair back into a bun for another ten minutes. Letting your hair down part-way through the drying process is key. It will create more volume and ensure your texture looks natural and a little more disheveled.

The Final Verdict

Both of these Cake Beauty hair products are fantastic. They do what they claim to, they smell great, are non-toxic and cruelty-free. And they are also a 100% vegan company based out of Toronto, which I think is pretty cool. Plus they are affordable. If you live in Canada, Cake Beauty is carried at Shoppers Drug Mart, but they only carry a small amount of their product line.

The Hair Raiser seems like it will last a long time, as I use it sparingly. However the Wave Maker I use generously and frequently so I will have to re-purchase it soon. (Note: I bought the travel sized version. The regular bottle of The Wave Maker is much larger.) I really enjoy how both of these products have simplified my hairstyling routine. And because I’ve been using less hot tools now, my hair is starting to look shinier and healthier. ✨ 5/5!

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